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Windows Activation (Story and [i]slight[/i] rant)

It was late June on a dark windy night. The air howled as it blew through the trees. In a room, with blue light radiating off two monitors, a young man sat waiting. A download in progress, this was ....
.... 'Microsoft Windows Update'! *gasp*

Be honest now. A shocking new thriller, or a simply an over dramatised real life event, experienced by myself? Both! Razz

Anyway, after messing with using Windows on more than machine, I ran out of the number of times I could activate Windows online using my normal Key. This left me in a bit of a problem as I was essentially 'computerless'. I decided to buy my own legal and fully valid licence. I then saw the price and decided I couldn't afford it. My next step was to move from a retail copy to a much cheaper OEM CD. This worked just fine, activated etc and it worked! Then comes the above story.

I updated my PC using Microsoft Windows Update, the official update of Windows, using Microsoft certified stuff. After a reboot, my computer has "Significantally changed it's hardware". Hang on a minute, all I've done is restart Confused
The result of this is needing to re-activate. At this point, I had already activated online, once. Now though, I had used my key too many times. Unbelievable. My only option now was to use the telephone. Being the person I am, as I hadn't changed my hardware, I wasn't going to ring. As a result of my choice, ever since I've had problems.
When I start and logon, It popups t tell me I need to activate, I click activate. Then another popup appears and says pretty much the same. 2 buttons so far. Then I need to activate online, say I don't want to register and wait for it tell me that I can't activate online. I then click help which brings up IE. From here I type C:\ which popups the start menu and the 'normal windows stuff' for about 10-20 seconds. In this time I need to open my applications. When I need to check files or open another app, I need to go through he process again.

After three months of this, I decided to ring up today, giving in which I wasn't too happy about.
I rang and it was automated. At least no-one would no of my shameful act. I type in my key and wait, only to be told it won't work and get passed onto a customer representative.
First I want to mention these key things. They come in blocks in 6 numbers and there are 9 blocks in total. I typed them in, one block at a time, when told to do so. I then had repeat all this to the woman on the phone who in turn game me a long set of numbers I needed to use to activate.

Morals of the story:
- Dont use Windows on more than one computer
- Don't use Windows Update
- If you need to ring up, do so! Don't hang around for three months Razz
- Don't use registry cleaners (That's another rant!)
- Tramina, (probably spelt wrong) at Microsoft is friendly and helpful Smile

Lastly, please rate my 'dramatical screenplay' at the top. Thanks Smile

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Haha thanks for the advice. Razz
SpellcasterDX on Wed Sep 26, 2007 3:12 am
mathiaus wrote:

Don't use registry cleaners (That's another rant!)

I didn't know they were evil! Surprised Well, unless you "cleaned" more stuff than you were supposed to "clean up", that is.

Thanks for the advice, though. XD The "dramatical screenplay" was entertaining and was an effective attention-getter. Laughing
darvit on Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:03 pm
I didn't know they were evil! Surprised Well, unless you "cleaned" more stuff than you were supposed to "clean up", that is.

I tried one and it broke windows. That's the reason I needed to re-install windows in the first place, leading to not being able to activate, hence buying the new version of windows....
I'm not saying their evil. Good in theory. They just don't work for me Razz

XD The "dramatical screenplay" was entertaining and was an effective attention-getter.

Glad you liked it. Might use it as the start for one of the future writing contests of tidruG's Razz
mathiaus on Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:17 pm

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