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More hints towards a FFVII Remake.

The Following is an article that I wrote that had no place to be put up, so I figured Id share it with you all here.

It was not long ago that we posted an article talking about how there will be No FFVII Remake any time soon. However, once again the rumors shoot up, and this time fans are getting even crazier about it. This is all due to the new PSP game called Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII that was released only a few days ago in Japan.

First, people went crazy due to secret ending that was found at the end of the game, with the message at the end saying “to be continued in Final Fantasy VII”. Now this could mean a few things. First… Crisis Core is in fact a prequel to FFVII, so its only normal for it to say “to be continued”. Another theory behind this, maybe Sony is about to put FFVII up on PSN for download for our PSP pleasure.

Movie Contains no spoilers to the game (its just a secret ending that deals with FF7)

The video at first seems to have the good old feel of the tech demo we all saw a few years back, but this is indeed a new video, as some of it has been changed… does this mean FFVII remake, or are people overlooking the fact that this is a new game, and the creators of the game just wanted to have a nice looking ending.
However, yet another item has now spiked the rumors up once again. For people who have bought the collectors edition of this game, they also got a book, within this book, there are a few pages that are showing the FFVII demo they had a few years back, but with text that says "We hope to meet Final Fantasy VII Again!"

Now with this piece right here, it’s hard to say. There are multiple rumors going around about what this could possibly mean. Well of course the first one is the Final Fantasy VII remake. However, there are also rumored to be other games in the FFVII world to come, thus, this could simply mean that Crisis Core is not the end of NEW FFVII games. In fact, it’s not so much rumor, as it was said at the Square Enix party that Crisis core is NOT the last game in the world of FFVII

So is this new Final Fantasy game full of hints of a possible remake, only time will tell (though both pieces put together do look pretty interesting.) We all know Square Enix would earn loads of money from a remake, and remakes are also cheaper to make for the most part than a new game. So why would they hold off and such a gold mine? In the end, if a remake where to come, it sure wont be any time soon, at least with the game list Square has already put out, but who knows, more amazing and surprising things have happened in the gaming world.

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m-productions wrote:

So why would they hold off and such a gold mine?

I think that they're trying to brew up as much hype as possible. The more they hold it off--the more rumors and teasers and whatnot they spread around--the more that us FFVII fans would go crazy. Laughing

On the other hand, they could also be just "testing the waters": Hey, let's throw some hints here and see if they'd go crazy--if they do, awesome. If they don't, we can come up with excuses [or not at all] later on.

Great entry, it's been ages since I really looked at any FFVII news, and this has been very informative. Razz
darvit on Sat Sep 29, 2007 4:33 am
Thanks ^^ took me a bit to find and write it all up, but there just wasnt a place for it on the site, so I didnt want it to go to waste... And thats a good idea, them trying to build hyper for it, but I do also think it has to do with they are just to busy right now... they have LOADS of other amazing projects going on right now. But im sure at some point they will. and until they do... they are just throwing a bunch of hype.
m-productions on Tue Oct 09, 2007 4:59 am

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