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How things have changed

I use to be an up and coming computer engineer. I have worked for companies like Microsoft, ATT Uverse which I help them fix the VOD for their system. I have travel around the world doing different computer jobs. I currently go to dialysis MWF and spend 4hours in the chair on those days. I am consider completely disabled. I am working on my Master in Information security and Assurance. I have been trying to find something I can do from home that will pay close to what I use to make. Most online jobs can not get me over what I get on SSI which means they are not worth doing. I support my wife and 4 kids on the 30k I know make. My wife is in school and she has recently had to file for disability because of a rare syndrome that she was diagnosed with and now needs surgery that we do not have insurance for. My wife is in constant pain and does her best to take care of me. I love her she has hung in there through thick and thin could not ask for anymore. Honestly I just want to get back to a point where I can provide for my family and get them the insurance and medical care they need. I use to have a website called where I did reviews of online jobs to help people avoid the scams. I have been through that and when you are struggling the worst feeling in the world is to be hit with a scam that knocks all of the air out of your lungs because you were already crawling it makes it hard to move at all. I came here to hopefully continue doing that type of work for others and for myself.

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You could probably find some work on oDesk with your skills. Stick to the jobs that pay by the hour and avoid the fixed price jobs. There are no payment guarantees on fixed price jobs there, only the hourly ones.

Fill out your profile and put as much info as you can about your skills and experience. Add as much as you can to the portfolio section, if you can provide screenshots of websites and software you have built.

Then take as many oDesk tests as you can, that apply to those skills. Always should take the spelling and written English tests, too, no matter what your other skills are. There are a lot of employers that won't want to deal with you unless there is some proof that you are fluent in English.

Set an hourly fee that you are willing to work for and try not to lower it.

Stick to jobs that allow you to use your technical skills and stay away from the ones that require no skills.

Decide if you want short term jobs that you can do one after the other, long term jobs for steady work and income, full time or part time (you can sometimes do multiple part time jobs at the same time)

Keep an eye on the average rate of the people being interviewed for a job, to get an idea of whether or not the employer is a cheapskate. Don't waste time on cheapskates. (if average is $5/hr interviewed, you know the employer wants to pay in that range, and if you want $50/hr, you will never get the job)

Also keep an eye on the feedback scores given to the employer, and the ones he gives employees, to get an idea of how difficult he will be to work for.

Don't do any work for free or off the clock!

I have actually made decent money on oDesk doing tech support and customer service work. There are plenty of jobs there that pay decently, if you have the skills to build the stuff that someone like me would end up providing the support for.
appsapps on Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:48 pm
Thanks for the input I really need as much help as I can get. If you don't mind I would like to post some of the info you gave on my website I am really trying to help others who maybe going through something. I think it is up to the community help each other. check it out if you have a chance and let me know what you think. I am going to post my story and more as thing progress.
livewyrez on Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:59 am

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