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Couldn't say no

Today decided to tell my prof that I want to back out from the startup we were planning to do. I couldn't make myself believe that I can improve the product further. Plus I'm having a hard time with the working environment (no teammates, etc.) But when I told him, he somehow changed my mind. He told me that as engineers, it is part of our job to find solutions to the problem (to improve the product) and we mustn't give up until we've tried all possible solutions.

After that I made a pro-con chart of all my choices, and it looks like doing that startup is in the least appealing to me, while teaching at my former high school is the most appealing. However, I'm afraid of the opportunity cost of the latter. Now I'm more confused at what I should do with the next 6 months Sad

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When you join the work force you will not have a choice. Like your professor said as engineers it is your job to find 'workable' solutions to problems.
As a mechanical engineer, I have been doing that all my professional life.

Best of luck to you.
standready on Fri Dec 18, 2015 9:12 pm
I'd go for teaching. The world needs teachers particularly in math and science subjects. And there's a severe shortage of those. If that is what appeals to you that's an awesome choice. Teaching doesn't pay as well as being an engineer, but if you don't have engineering as your first choice right now, you'll probably battle to find the kind of niche in engineering that is needed in order to earn a decent living as an engineer. Just think of it this way. Because of a shortage in math and science teachers, there is a shortage of engineers. You have to be good at teaching to want to teach, so you'd make an awesome contribution to the engineering profession. Where it counts. At the roots up.

With teaching you'd get a job anywhere in the world if you wanted to travel. Particularly if you're good at math and science teaching.
deanhills on Sat Dec 19, 2015 3:10 am
Startup is really tough to build and you have to work really hard at the initial stages. Yes! Engineers should not give up until you find a workable fix for the problem. Being a Software Engineer, i have been doing this from day 1.
andro_king on Fri Jan 08, 2016 7:41 am

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