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Class demand

Today was the second day of enrolment at our University. I stayed at the lecture room for around 9 hours just to wait bfor news regarding the class we petitioned for yesterday.

You see, there are probably around a hundred fifty of us in the batch taking roughly the same subjects (except for those who had to repeat). But the department decided to open only 6 of this important class, each can accommodate up to 18 students only. That's why we had to petition.

Around noon was the time they decided to announce that there'll be no results until tomorrow. Sure, that's understandable due to the high number of students signing petitions. But couldn't that have been avoided? What was the course demand survey for?

The students blame the inefficiency of the department while the faculty blames it back to the students because some didn't answer the survey. But what is to blame here, really? I dunno, the lack of teachers perhaps? Classrooms? Budget? You decide.

I'm writing this because they said that they might not open new classes tomorrow after all.

It's hard to write something bad about something you're supposed to be proud of. This is the department of electrical and electronics engineering! We're supposed to be able to deal with these simple matters. This may sound better than what happened to college of law yesterday, but at least they get to graduate on time.

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Wow! I thought every one was on their summer holidays, and your term has already started. Which University is this?
deanhills on Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:43 pm
Yup, this is University of the Philippines Very Happy in our country, classes starts june and ends in march
lightwate on Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:35 am
You go to UP? awesome. UP students are smart. That is what everyone's impression is. I heard it's very hard studying there?

I don't know what to blame really. I think both students and teachers are just victims. Teachers already have a hand full of themselves. Especially when there's not a lot of them and there's too many students.
Few students is a problem too. There's not a lot of students taking chemical engineering so there's very very few teachers for that course. When I was studying, some teachers only teach a few major subjects of that course. Most major subjects are handled by 3 teachers who are also managing the department at the same time. My classmates would complain about the teaching. I did some ranting myself too.
And I don't really know why so many students taking up Electronics Engineering, I just wonder. There's many many students taking that subject in my school. Just as many as nursing students swarming around.

I don't know a lot about UP really. I know the government is funding the university. Maybe it has to do with the government's budget cut for education last year? I'm not sure if that's a good idea by P-Noy. If you really care about the future of the country, you never never cut the Education budget. That's what I know. There's a lot of smart students who could use the education budget. I for one was a DOST scholar so I know how useful it is especially for the poor.... I quit college though so I'm really no use to this country. Neutral
loremar on Sun Jun 10, 2012 2:24 pm

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