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weird net

Yay I'm now staying at the condo again. But the internet at the student lounge is really crappy. I think it's because of the really cheap router they are using.

Here's my theory, They are using a Prolink router to connect to the broadband and also uses a very cheap (cd-r king) router bridged to the prolink so more users can connect i guess. I think it's a pretty useless bridge since they're practically beside each other. But I guess it does accommodate more clients. I think?

Then again, every time a number of users have connected, the router fails and you won't be able to use the net until you reboot it. Before that happens, there will be a long time where new users won't be able to connect at all! Good thing they didn't change the default router password so I can reboot it anytime I want.

But for some reason the cheap router fails to broadcast occasionally and we're all left with the Prolink one. Until someone gets annoyed enough to go to the router and manually re-plug it.

Today was a really weird one. I can only connect to the Prolink when the cheap router is down, and the only sites I can visit are those hosted by Google! I can ping any other sites no problem, and even tried changing DNS and clearing cache. But other sites just doesn't work. Oh, and yahoo messenger works too, but not the yahoo websites. weird. And I want answers, But someone rebooted the set-up and now I can't connect to both.

Good thing I have my phone, and it can connect to the cheap router. After being annoyed for wasting my time, I realized that my android phone can tether via usb! Really inefficient. But at least it's faster since no one else knows about this. sad

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