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touch football

..or touch rugby, as it was used to be called in our pe class.

Last Saturday was the most physically tiring day i had in a LOOOONG time. I haven't done any physical activities in around 5 months and my friends and I were invited to play in the annual touch football invitationals.

Almost half of our team were first timers but they are really fast to learn. The fact that our team regularly play sports together during high school is probably what made it easy. For a week, we've been very excited for this event. This is the first time in ~5 months that we can play again together as a team!

..Or even play at all, for that matter. We first did some warm ups by throwing discs and passing soccer balls, just to get a bit accustomed again at running Razz We then taught the others the basic rules of the game.

In the end, we are all still very rusty. Although we placed 2nd, we could've done way better if we played this 2 years ago - when we were still young. Studying really drains me. It's what separates me from my friends when they're out on their "adventures", But it's also what makes rare events such as these the most happiest.

Today I'm all beaten up and sore all over. But I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be able to play again.

Later, we have an exam in es11 but i'm not worried at all Razz

PS. I also haven't written (or thought) in english for a very very long time. And just now i had a really hard time trying to organize my thoughts in this post Razz haha oh well

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First, you put your thoughts together very well in English. It is good to have regular physical activity even if that is just a brisk walk between classes.
standready on Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:24 pm

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