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I have a younger sister and two younger brothers. My sister is apathetic, one of my brothers is lazy, and my youngest brother is very stubborn. As siblings, there are times when we really get along with each other. At other times, they are just plain annoying.

A bit of background, while writing this, it's 1:30AM. My age is 18, and my siblings 15, 12, and 11, in order that i mentioned them in the first paragraph.

Right now I feel so annoyed at my youngest brother. Just now he took two pieces of the brownies that we're supposed to eat tomorrow (or later when we wake up). He hid it in one of his hands while holding a mug of water in another. Naturally I'd check their room because they're supposed to be sleeping by now. And when I caught him, he just smiled at my sister and hid the brownies under the pillow. I just stared at him, making him feel guilty. Then he reached for the mug of water while half-lying on the bed (still trying to hide the brownies). The water then spilled on the table, bed, and two remotes.

That's when I felt really angry at him. I threw the remote on the bed while half-shouting "look what you've done! Fix this mess!". I repeated that again, plus all other questions like "why are you still up?" and all his replies where "why did you throw the remote!?". As if everything were my fault. This, plus the fact that my sister is tolerating his attitude made me felt pissed. Arguing with him feels like talking to a really stupid person, where logic doesn't seem to apply. I would've liked to say curses at that time for him to somehow show some respect (because they never hear me say any "bad words") but i didn't.

I just left them there, went back to my room and wrote this post to 'cool off'. In times like this, I envy my friends because of their siblings. Sometimes I even wish that I have an older brother or sister so that I can talk to them. But then, what am I doing to my younger siblings?

They say that people tend to get angry more to their "personal shadows". And that's the case in this one. The thing I hate most about my siblings (individually) is something that I do (or used to do) myself. The worst part about everything concerning this is that it's all my fault. For instance, I was the one who opened the brownies seal and took the first slice.

That's right. They tend to look up to me, while all I do is to display to them my lazy, disrespectful, antisocial, greedy, unfair and irrational self. I'm almost 19 years old now. I feel that I fail at being the eldest son -___-

Disclaimer: Wow, I wrote the first four paragraphs while feeling this 'grudge' yet I don't sound angry at all lol. It's rather funny. Anyway, Everything I said negative about my siblings is not as serious as it sounds. I don't "hate" them. This 'anger' is temporary. (I don't even feel it now that I've finished writing this Razz) That's the great thing about family. Very Happy

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Yes, you should set a good example for your younger siblings just as your parents should for all their children. Patience and respect! something I gave up on long ago with my family but then I don't live with them either.
standready on Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:29 pm

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