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I Just finished reading the hunter x hunter manga, starting from where the anime left off until the latest issue. The hiatus has been two years, and the previous arc, that super long arc with the ants is finally over, or so it seems.. (just kidding Razz) Anyway, the next arc seems promising. I'm excited for it.

It's been ~100 chapters without kurapica and leorio though.

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What's the story about. I'm actually quite disappointed about the greed island story because it got boring. Is it as good as the ginereyodan(spider) gang story and hunter license exam or is it as bad as the greed island story. I want to know. Hunter x hunter used to be one of my favorites until the greed island.

I mean what I like about hxh is the thrill, suspense, mystery, mind battles, I also liked the story about how they have like the 6 different innate skills for every individuals that is also based in their personalities. The story was interesting until the greed island. In greed island, it just became a typical kid's cartoon show. I want to know more about the secrets of the skills. And also want to see more interesting characters like the Joker guy, generyudan. Maybe they should have introduced another gang or mafia, it would have been interesting. Afterall, it's about hunters, so it's perfectly logical to have secret orgainzation of hunters that roam around the world.
loremar on Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:12 pm
really? I actually liked the greed island part Very Happy But yeah, not as much as the ginereyodan and license exam parts. maybe I just liked it because I really want to play that as an rpg game Razz And yes, with all those cool nen abilities.

I'm a bit disappointed with the arc after the greed island. I find it long and really unrealistic (there are super super strong lifesize insects. haha). But I'm excited with what's next after that because gon's father finally plays a real role and there's a newly introduced zoldick family member (killua's sister).
lightwate on Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:25 pm

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