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I'm frustrated. I'm having a hard time finishing my school project. It's not just my internet that's slow, the OS I'm coding in is slow. What would you expect from a virtual box running on a 4 year old laptop?

I hate that we have to use C and linux system calls. Don't get me wrong, I like them, It's just that it's so much of a hassle to install another OS just to use them. And doing a dual boot is useless becuase my broadband stick doesn't have any drivers for non-Windows OS. So now I'm stuck with a virtual machine. A very slow one - And I'm ONLY making a web based tic tac toe >_>

I should've started coding this last week, and now I'm cramming again. Another all nighter, I guess. I can't even make a proper http post or get request in js Sad

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Why oh why did you wait until the last moment?? I remember seeing a tic,tac,toe in "C" in one of my books.
standready on Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:29 am
I really thought it was an easy task. It turns out I don't remember most of the functions that I need. Plus, They're requiring us to use sockets, something that should run as a background process. I haven't tried that before Neutral

I didn't finish it last night. I couldn't. The logic is easy, but the simplest tasks such as printing to a file doesn't work sometimes. There were some typos with my if statements. And those trivial matters took around 2 hours to solve.

I understand what I'm supposed to do - even how to do it. But now I just lack the motivation. at around 1 am, I gave up and just watched some anime. Then after 3 hours worth of sleep, I tried again. I failed. I learned a lot though.
lightwate on Wed Oct 19, 2011 5:51 am
Btw, I solved the slow virtual box problem I was having (this counts as one of the things I learned, instead of finishing my project). My video card had a hard time rendering the virtual machine, So I just used the virtual machine as an ssh, ftp and web server, and I coded happily in windows Very Happy

I should've done this a long time ago. I should've done everything a long time ago Sad ah well.
lightwate on Wed Oct 19, 2011 5:56 am

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