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android IDE(?)

I wrote this originally as a reply to a blog post of some tech blog, but it got really long so I decided not to post it there. But I said so many things and I don't want to waste that, so I'll post it here instead Very Happy

I like android because you can code and make any app you want as long as you know how to. I know this applies to all the smartphones out there:

iOS has their own development environment, the xcode, but the last time i check, they're charging a fee for it and you need to own a mac to use it. (which i think will be a turnoff to developers)

Microsoft, however has a really great developing environment - it's Expression Blend Studio. Entering the smartphone market that late made them super friendly with developers to encourage them to make more apps. I'd already tried expression studio (because they're available for free) and the only downside to it (for me) is that coding is like making silverlight apps, something i don't really want to spend time on learning.

Lastly, android's IDE - eclipse. It's like in the middle of the two. And though I think eclipse lacks some of the great functionalities of M$' Expression Blend, its vast community of developers make it more viable for me because of its potential. (really - honestly, if it wasn't for android's headstart over WP7, i'm more likely to go for win7)

P.S. I don't have an Android phone yet and I haven't tried xCode yet so don't take this seriously. Razz

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I think They chose Eclipse to work on all platform.
i think Google will make Good Android IDE for Windows,Mac and linux soon.
cybersa on Sat May 28, 2011 2:53 am
@cybersa: Ahh, that's great then, hope they really make one xD

Oh, and I forgot to mention about Adobe Flash to make apps. That's also a good environment, though it may have some limitations and optimization problems. Plus, I think my friend said something about Adobe winning against apple in allowing them to use Flash to make iOS apps.
lightwate on Sat May 28, 2011 4:51 pm

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