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at codejam week1

Yesterday at 9pm, was the start of a coding competition here in our country. it's online - you just have to submit your code. In the mechanics, it says that the weekly problems will be available for download every Saturday at 9pm. It also says that you should download that before 9pm the next day. Now, you can only download the problem once, and once you clicked the link, the timer will start and that will record how long you code your program.

Yesterday I was tired so I decided that I'll participate in it today. After waking up at around noon, I realized that it was actually Palm Sunday today so we had to go to church - we don't usually attend Mass that often. Then we had our family dinner and by the time we got back home, it's already 8:30pm. "Just in time", I thought.

So I logged in at the site, downloaded the problem (it displayed a deadline of 4 hours) and started coding. The problem wasn't the hardest I've encountered but it involves binary trees - something I really suck at. Actually, I was able to "think" of another method to do it without using trees, but since I need to practice making trees in C, I decided to use that 'harder for me' method instead.

After around 2 hours of coding, I decided I'll just use the other 'easier' method that I had thought of earlier. Then after around 30 minutes, my internet connection died and restarted and chrome crashed. I logged back in to the site, it's only around 11 and I can't see the big deadline time that used to be there (there should be around 1hour and 30minutes left).

Then it dawned on me that what the mechanics actually meant by the 9pm-9pm deadline. the 9pm deadline wasn't just the deadline to download - it's the deadline to submit your code. I didn't finish what I was coding.

I went down to drink water. what a tiresome day.

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