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Who's False??

Described by Robert T. Kiyosaki , people who are afraid of losing will do the same thing in life.

Those who maintain that marriage is no longer based on love.
Those who did not undergo prospective job.
Those who continue to keep old clothes and "stuff" that they would never wear again.
Those who remained in the cities where they have no future.
Those who remain friends with people who impede their progress.
According to the story of Tung Desem Waringin , about an African caught monkeys. In Africa there is one tribe that eat monkeys, where they hunt monkeys for food. The way they hunt all sorts, some use the arrow, chopsticks, but the most interesting is to catch monkeys using a jug.

They tied a pitcher made of copper to a tree or large rock. Kendi is filled nuts, and some nuts placed outside. Once the monkeys saw the bean, after confirmed safe, the monkeys began to eat the beans. When the beans out pitcher out, monkey nuts begin to look is in the jug. Once the monkey's hand enters to take the nuts, and clasped the hands of these monkeys can not be drawn from the pitcher who tertali in the tree. Monkeys are not willing to let go of the peanuts. As a result he will be captured can not go, even until the monkey pemburudatang still would not go.

When did these monkeys will leave the nuts? That is when the monkey is dead slaughtered. "Why is that?" because he was "monkey!".

"You pay peanut, you get monkey".

Many of us already know that we are doing now will not be much mambantu to achieve what we want. But we fear losing "nut" until we are slaughtered (fired) only we dare to leave him. People who think "safe search" is logical. But in fact wrong, because it is the emotional mind. And the emotional mind was the one who makes people "stuck" in a quadrant.

If people can not control their emotions mind, and in fact many can not, then they should not try to cross. Robert Kiyosaki in his theory suggest that all who want to cross it first to make sure they have people who will always support them, and having a mentor on the other hand quadrant that will guide them.

Excerpted from the collection of articles Tung Desem Waringin .

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