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(RIS)ISR allow(impoverishment)-prefer(righteous/virtue

taoism does stress Virtue as the foundation of the Path

also often in the ways of sages you see how a sage accepts impoverishment and doesnt really care as it is the pretext to righteousness, and as the alternative is schizofrenia,
what is a mans life worth
if he doesnt live the life of the soul

if you dont have yourself, then what use is it, what use is all the goods, wealth, praise, sex, drugs rock and roll, if you aint even yourself ?

for the mind of a _wise man (ris)isr, impoverishment-righteousness are just one of these things that come with life, grace, wisdom the eternal path the souls walk, all souls

and there are more

(Skr -'drunk intoxicated'
(KRs /krsh -'sun'

(skr)krs with -kr "jump" as shared-term, jump around in the sun and drink a glass of cold cool beer at the dynamo open air metal festival in the meadows (ahhhh redemption 1.0.1 Smile )

it's valid CSS Smile

tested and run through the universal committee of standards and accepted

for some there is the Tao,
for others there is DOA_Dynamo Open Air,
pogoing your ass off in the sun with a cool beer now and then Smile

it largely depends on one's own situation, life, plans of the soul, and where you can shallowly judge by one act, usually one is judged with his own judgement

the mind is so often the souls tomb

depending on ones situation there are many "eye of the needle" type linked-meme activities where you can sort of vent a lot of anger and also find an enormous release

like (sqd)qds "watch-holy" the story of the jewboys that after the messiah was nailed ot the cross and stood up and lived again at some point the jewboys _Sqd suddenly saw the man and reckoned "huh ?" aha and then they finally "believed" and comprehended how the souls see it, and ran of (sqd)qds to a holy-place a temple happy as a clam, sort of a last minute redemption

and thus there are a number of _"eye of the needle" type situations and per person that differs, everyone has their own _Pet-peeve and programmed-trained in _false-belief, and only the flesh that can manage to give up being blind and whining like a dog whilst actively not abiding in objective self-reality, only people that can change their mind usually find redemption in themselves

often the neurotic _must-do is a memetic "relative" of the term the _must-do is a negation on and only again allowing the rejected/term the blackmail-term, in a (123)231-backward-21.34-convenant type situation offers one any chance of ever 'overcoming'


seek the center of the oneness of all things,
remain in the middle
and forget you are there

oh show me the way to the next whiskey bar

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