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(what subject)

the souls simply live and sense _reality and as people are born normal, somewhere along the line most get taken for a ride, and some ****** comes and invalidates the self and reality as self senses but as the soul is immortal and immaterial all they can do is make the flesh contest(self and go schizofrenic

so that is what happened in the fall, everyone was beaten into submission to Saraknyal, Azazael and Satanyal

and so in india (EDU as the souls knew it) suddenly all the golem heard _213-DEV the deva voices in their cranial and had to _agree(DEV (for disagreeing with the souls that the whole region was logically known as "Hodu" (edu)

that is part he story of Hodu-Loke who killed Balder, the son of Adun, the Lord Odin

a metaphore for how the hindus under Saraknyal totally ****** the human race up

the hindus back then aint the hindus now, so dont take it personal Smile

but later on in India lived a sage, Sukracarya (Skr) and one day he was having a debate with a king about having goods and stuff and according to the gurus, that wasnt spiritually kosher, because that was what Krisna said and Krisna was offcourse "authority" and "deity" and everyone had to agree to that.

in old-tongue _'goods' is RKS

so in our story we have SKR 'sukracarya', _KRSna and RKS-'goods'

now all the gurus said Sukracarya was putting the people up against Krsna the Authority and encouraging them to have goods.

but sukracarya had never done anything, the gurus just came up with that out of the blue (they had a habit of seeings things not exactly as they are, with their DEVa-worship in EDU)

so Sukracarya noticed how something was odd, and decided they were lying and along the way he started to realize something else,

RKS_'goods' is backward_SKR,
and under KRSNa-authority rule have-goods was not allowed
and somehow the gurus reckoned Skr put them up to have-RKS_goods, and so Sukracarya figured it out that in reality KRSna was Saraknyal the fallen watcher and had made all the gurus disagree with the souls on reality and made them _agree(backward, SRKNyla-KRSNa and under that rule indeed
SKR_backward is must(RKS-have-goods but that had nothing to do with Sukracarya but only with the void term _SKR_RKS

but because Sukracarya stuck to his guns and said "you are just lying y'all" that meant he abode in truth and found the path back onto the world of the souls again, and was the first man to figure it as the souls all did

he found the eye of the needle and well the trick was, the souls all found a way to escape the slavery of Satanyal Saraknyal, but the flesh still had to figure it out and Sukracarya SKR "morning star" was the first one to figure it out

well the souls skipped to _include(123)_'backward"-21.34-mrkb _prefer(231

so it was _SRK(231_RKS-'have-goods', for the people having-goods was actually the means of grace and the eye of the needle, and under that rule (SKR)231-KRS skr became known as krs'tav "christou" the annointed who found the path back onto the Word, and the will and judgement of the souls

that is in technical terms "the eye of the needle" and the core of the convenant filosofy

due to the SRK_saraknyal-231-RKS and SKR_RKS and Krsna'Krs'tav thingy it had to happen someday that Sukracarya and Saraknyal with his Hara Krsna apes would end up in a brutal arguement, you cant fool all the people all the time Smile

and after (skr)krs'tav more followed and their cultures repented back to path of the souls
because life without a soul just aint no fun

for saraknyal and shmiad it doesnt matter anymore because these things are doomed for eternity as schizofrenic spiriti and they still have massive followings amongst the human race (because they have no boundaries and are hyperagressive schizofrenic liars)

so there is a logical method to their madness,
but all the logic in the world doesnt put a man back on the path of his soul

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