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scoring points for shooting my mouth off

do I get points for blogging Smile

oh dear, lets put out some cool stuff

anybody ever heard of the _ShShim 60-guards, an ancient allmost myth, some would say the Ismaeli Assassin cult has something to do with it.

the 60 guards were long ago fielded by Shlomo "solomon" after the first conflict with Asmuday, the demon king of Adum (Samael, Ialdabaoth, Shmiad, really filthy eternally damned demons that hate the souls and wanna enslave the people and make em call em deities and say they have Authority)

so after Shmiad kicked Solomon off the throne, and threw him miles and miles from Jerusalem where Solomon dwelled around and everyone thought he was a nutcase, because he kept saying he was Solomon but no one would believe him and after long long journeys finally Solomon kicked Smiad off the throne again, and then he surrounded himself with the bravest heroes of the human race to keep out the Demon king Smiad (some say that was the start of the ShSh'im 60-guards Assassins)

Was that worth a few points ?

the 60-guards work for the soulgroups
(Solomon picked men of honour, without fear, brave and mighty before the souls, righteous and honest, and strong men men in whom the soul was strong so they would never bow to the demons)

and as souls are immortal, these heroes never actually died, their flesh died, but like all souls they incarnate over and over again and then go to fight the demon king again and resist evil and walk the way and speak truth as all the souls know it, and maybe then the little kiddies reckon
AHA that is the way
when I grow up I go be just that way !
and never believe the filthy lies of the undead demon king, Asmuday of Edom.

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Yes, if I understand right, we can get points not only for making blog entries, but also for commenting on them. Your story had a familiar ring to it, so I decided to see if I could find it with Google. Apparently the more common spellings for the demon's name are Asmoday or Asmodius. The version of the legend I ran across places the action in the future rather than the past, but I'm sure there are a few versions of the story. One example is from:

An excerpt:

It is said that he will be the one to dethrone Solomon, but that Solomon will force him to aid in the battle for the Jerusalem temple. After Tobie expells him with the smoked spleen of a fish from Sara, the angel Raphael will bind him in the depths of Egypt. According to the Courrier de l'Egypte, the people of the country still adore Asmodee, whose temple sits in the desert of Ryanneh. He allegedly will cut himself into pieces and immediately after, disappear.

Other legends associate Asmodee as the serpent who seduced Eve.

The demon is here said to be the same one that appears in the apocraphal book of Tobias. That's apparently where I remembered seeing the name.
SonLight on Mon Nov 12, 2007 4:54 am

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