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Created on Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:17 am with 2 blog posts
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White Beach Puerto Gallera Philippines in Travel with 4 comments on Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:15 am
Me and my GF was having a weekend gate away last week. Saturday; time started at Metro Manila is 1:45 pm.

It was our first time travelling to Puerto Gallera particular in white sand area. We are at the EDSA waiting for a provincial bus with billboard name " Batangas Pier" ( just in seconds we saw a bus)- This information i got from my Internet. the fare is 166.50 pesos per head and it is 2 hours travel from crossing to Batangas pier. The road is nice and no hassle since the bus will directly go to pier.

Once we arrived at the pier there are many guys/barker shouting a boat ticket fare to puerto gallera. One person approached me and guide me to the ticket area. Since it was our first time i followed his instruction where and how to get to puerto gallera. The person is nice and give me more tips and advantages/disadvantages (cost saving tips). As a first time traveler going to white beach i just follow his instruction and purchase a ticket for the boat; fare is 500 pesos/head round-trip (Batangas pier- white beach) and pay also a government terminal for 50 pesos/head.

I strongly suggest to pay round-trip for your convenience and you can save around 30 pesos per head and no expiration even if you stay there for 30 days; just do not lose your ticket.

Then the barker told us to purchase water and food at the "pasalobong area" since it will be doubled the price once we arrived at white beach; so without hesitation we just followed his instruction just to get save for weekend gate away travel. I thought i get saved but i was thinking it just double my expenses since the cost of 1.5 letter mineral water is 90 pesos. ( 45 pesos on regular price). Well, i was thinking to purchase it since the barker guide me on how to get to white beach Puerto Gallera. In short just for his compensation and He just refer us with his friend store (business refer to business) . We are on our way on the terminal waiting for our trip but the barker just talk to me to pay his services.. (I was shocked since the barker in uniformed with boat company).hmmm... Its not new anymore here in the Philippines (Force asking donations). I just gave a tip of 40 pesos but he told me to add more.. so i just add another 10 pesos to make it 50 pesos. (For sure he has also commission on the water we purchase at pasalobong area).

Finally, we are inside the terminal pier waiting for announcement schedule time for departure and it is the last trip of the day 4:30 pm ( I guess we are so lucky at that time, no traffic and arrived at Batangas pier at exactly 3:55 pm). There are also many hotels inside the terminal doing some marketing or shall i say pre-booking ( Once you arrived at White beach there is a person waiting and holding your name). There are many tables and pictures of hotel over the pier. You can choose a hotel and pay it from there. A sales lady told me " All hotels are fully-book just book now here to make sure you got accommodation when you arrived to white beach" ( I feel worried perhaps what they are saying is true and i have my GF with me which i am full responsible with her convenient and also we want to enjoy our overnight gate-away and i don't want her to get bad-trip. What if the saleslady for hotel is not bluffing.) I just take the guts to say on my GF that for sure there are many hotels once we arrive at Puerto Gallera since it is a tourist destination (We spoke in Bisaya so that the hotel saleslady will not understand on what our conversation). So my GF agreed with me.

I don't have lunch at that time and my GF already have done. Usually when i travel i like to taste local foods and we say a local pizza called " Batangenios Pizza" (My GF likes pizza) so we tried one and we choose Supreme pizza and the price is very affordable for only 80 pesos. We also purchase Lucky me jampiong which my GF requested plus buy 1 coke light (We just take lunch on the Pier while having a conversation). Just in minutes it was announce to get on board. As we are approaching to the boat and i find it safe; its not that big but its in good condition.The schedule for departure is 4:30 but it was start sailing around 5:15 pm. While we are on the boat we have conversation with my GF and taking pictures. It take us 2 hours to arrived at Puerto Gallera white beach. The experience on the boat is nice; Fresh air from the sea and not that much current at that time and they have life jacket to wear ( good for me since i don't know how to swim).

There is another terminal fee when we arrived at white beach and it cost again another 50 pesos per head and when i read the ticket it says " Environmental Ticket". Well, no choice since we are already there. I also notice that there are many barker doing some marketing on hotels. (I guess my instincts works at that time; Its not fully book). So we stroll around looking for hotels. We notice at that time that there is no electricity but some hotels has light so i guess they have generator.

We found a hotel name "Dreamwave" Its very near the beach in fact its facing the beach, It will be more convenient with us since we want our hotel near the beach. Good thing they also accept credit cards. The room is nice and it cost 2,800 per night pesos free breakfast good for two. Usually hotels facing in front beach cost around 2500.

I guess its time for me to end my weekend gate-away since i have input all the cost and ways how to get to Puerto Gallera from Metro Manila.
Joomla Developer in Joomla with 5 comments on Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:39 am
How to choose a good Joomla Developer:

Joomla is an excellent platform for building websites because it's flexible and allows you to build anything from a simple website to complex one. If you are a businessman, blogger, designer or developer who needs a website to showcase your products and services around the globe, then Joomla is the best choice for you.

Website building used to be all about coding (writing HTML). If you didn’t have this knowledge then it was impossible for you to make a website. Today website installation is much easier. With Joomla all you need to do is check out Joomla documentation and installation guides and watch a few YouTube videos on how to install Joomla and follow the steps. Within minutes your website is up and running. The best thing about Joomla is that is is Open Source, which means it's free to use without any charge.

There are, however, cases when you will not find a fuctionality, and do not have the skills to create it yourself. A Google search doesn't help you find the solution. In this case you need to find a Joomla expert. But how?

First, go to then click on "Community & Support" in the main menu, then find the word Joomla Resources. Once you are on that page you will find companies and individuals listed in the Joomla Resources Directory (I suggest to check on the map which makes things easy to find). Some people search via Google for Joomla experts, but I discourage doing that because there are many companies and individuals falsely claiming to be experts.

Second, check your Nearest Places in the maps to see if there are Joomla developers listed in your area ( Why search in your area? It facilitates communication when working with someone in your time zone. But if you don’t find listed developers in your area you will need to hire a developer abroad.

Third, once you find a developer, check their products and services. You can only determine a good Joomla developer if the company or individual knows how to code. If the company or individual offers products such as Joomla extensions which are also listed in the Joomla Extension Directory or JED ( , you can be sure that person is also a contributor to Joomla. It means that their extensions have been verified and do not have errors. Check also to see if the individual/company offers templates. If they do, it is a plus and you will know their skill set is wide if they offer not only extensions but templates as well.

Fourth, check to see if the individual is active in the Joomla forums ( . This is another way to see if they are supporting and contributing to the Joomla project.

Fifth, contact the developer via email or the contact form on their website to ask your questions and discuss your needs, availability and negotiate the price. Prices will differ according to the project, and usually depends on the complexity of the functionality.

I hope this article helps you to find a Joomla expert!

This article is also published at Joomla Community Magazine (
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