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JY018 Sefie Drone

I recently bought a 125 Dirhams (approximately 34 US Dollars) selfie drone. I saw it on facebook and I am encourage to buy one. The delivery was quite fast and the item was received just like I expected. Connecting it on my phone via wifi is very simple just by using a recommended software that can be downloaded through Google Play Store. With no experience of some sort, I tried to take the first flight of the drone in indoor with approximately 16 m2 of space and almost got the profeller broken due to it was bumping all over the place. So the next day I tried to use it outdoor but there is no way to control the drone due to excess winds that time. And I always find myself looking at the phone because the controller software seems to be not working sometimes. I guess this kind of drone maybe put on good use if the user itself know how to use it. But with my experience with it I am not capable on using it. I may have to break a dozen of it before I can properly use one. Anyway a post a link below for same drone I bought online. As for the drone, it was sleeping in my closet. Laughing

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I guess you'll have to be careful with where the drone goes too one of these days. People and local governments are getting a bit touchy with those and I'm almost certain very soon there will be legislation all over the place putting limitations to its use. A few months back I read an article about authorities at Heathrow Airport in London being worried about the drones getting in the way of planes who are landing and taking off at the Airport - like a security risk. The aviation industry was considering legislation that makes training in drones a prerequisite for owning them - I'm not sure of the minimum weight but they were working on drones of more than a certain weight. The person has to basically get a license first and be a registered drone flier. Razz
deanhills on Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:58 am

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