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Midi Controller

When browsing the internet, I encounter a electronic project called Arcade Button Midi Controller in and I was impress and want to create one myself. So I started to collect the requirements but due to lack of spare parts available I decided to change some of it. Like the button should be arcade button but I used a momentary 16mm button. The funniest though I orded a plain button only but out of 12 button half of it was change to a different type of button and with bulb inside. I did not care it that much because I am doing it for fun so a little mistake like that won't ruin the project. Second I was supposed to get a 6 knobs as well but my budget won't cut it so I removed it in the list. I can get it still after wards. Third instead of using a arduino clone I use an arduino nano which is cheaper (approx. 5$ US). Fourth is the enclosure, I found a used pvc enclosure and used it instead. And last the sliding potentiometer is not available in the market like I mention earlier spare parts here is very difficult to purchase and so I change it to 10k linear potentiometer instead. After 4 hours of soldering and drinking of coffee I finally manage to make it work. I did have a problem with the DJ software cause a lot of them supports controller if you purchase the software itself and not the free one. Luckily a found a very nice software which I have been able to use my controller. It is Mixxx DJ. It may be look lame but I put my heart into it and I have fun and I think that is the best thing.

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That's brilliant innovation. Like the way how you found different ways of getting the same results on a lower budget! Cool
deanhills on Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:10 pm
Thanks, deanhills.
jestoy0514 on Sun Apr 09, 2017 5:44 pm

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