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ZedAir Pro - i-Life

A couple of months ago, a came accross this ZedAir Pro - i-Life product from an online shop and that time I was looking for a cheap laptop because I want to replace the Samsung netbook I gave with my son which is more or less 6 years old. Two dayas ago my sister went to the mall and bought the same laptop for 359 Dirhams ( approx. 100 $ US). It has an Intel Atom processor up to 1.8 Ghz, 2 gb of ddrIII ram, 32 gb of storage(usable 14 gb), 2 usb 2.0 port, a micro hdmi port, Intel HD Graphics, 12.5 Inch Screen, Windows 10, and 8000 mah battery. I used it once and it looks like it is okay. I tried running a 3d game but there is a slight lag but playable. Might not be configured for high end games. What do you think of the product?

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3D gaming on a laptop is a recipe for disaster Razz You're not going to get graphics performance unless you intentionally seek out a system with a discrete GPU with the specs you're looking for; an integrated GPU (with the CPU) just isn't going to cut it in most cases.

That said, you can certainly get a perfectly serviceable system cheaply, as long as what you intend to do with it is in line with what it can possibly serve Wink
The vast majority of people are not going to tax a computer's resources, primarily watching some web video, using web content, and some basic office suites. Just about any system will do well enough. Even basic games don't need much computing power.

Something like this little ultralight is optimized for portability and low power consumption. To get there it sacrifices power (electricity) consumption, battery size, and system cooling for weight and a thin profile. You lose CPU and RAM speed, are stuck with a low powered GPU, but, this is fine for most tasks, and makes the battery last all day.
It's a cheap system, and is being sold to fill the niche of people who need a computer, but don't need anything fancy... and as a result, you're not getting anything fancy. If you need more computing power, you'll always have to pay for it (and the price jumps SIGNIFICANTLY to get there).
Ankhanu on Sat Mar 18, 2017 10:34 pm

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