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Addison 3 piece bathroom shelves collection

Space is really a matter of concern when you live in 500 sq. foot apartment. Every small inch space counts, I realized this when leased one for myself and noticed that I absolutely had no space for towels or toiletry in my bathroom. This set off me for a search of a perfect bathroom shelves. I needed a potential storage material for myself that too not very expensive as I couldn’t afford to pay a lot for it. The wall hung cabinets were not for my bathroom as they didn’t give enough storage. My search ended with the Addison 3-piece bathroom shelves collection. This three piece shelves- one over the toilet, a wall mounted shelf and floor placed shelves.

The over the toilet shelf is a great space saver a perfect resting place for towels now I don’t have to walk across my living room after shower for getting my towel left back in bedroom. And the wall mounted shelf gives easy accessibility to the daily toiletries. Their simple pipe designs really bring a fresh look to the bathroom. Being horizontally small standing on four legs occupies less space and gives better cleaning options. Rather than being only a storage product these shelves appear as an artistic design display piece and complement any bathroom decor.

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