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School They ran today are MILLIONAIRES

When someone has a great idea and want to run it to do something worthwhile, is able to drop everything to try to achieve it. Like, leave school.

Many successful people have followed that path. For example, in previous generations we have Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Michael Dell.

New generations also have this type of entrepreneurs, of which the most famous is Mark Zuckerberg, who created Facebook, whose current market value is roughly about 65 billion dollars.
But Mark is not alone, many people under 30 who are on the same path, and here I present three of them.

David Karp
When David Karp was just 16 years, and worked in the internet, he was Head of Product at UrbanBaby, a forum for parents. For this, he had left school a year earlier, and decided, along with their parents, that their education would be at home, so I never got a high school diploma.

Thus, began a site which was originally called Davidville, but then evolved and changed his name to Tumblr. Today, Tumblr is the number 9 in terms of traffic worldwide. That has made the fortune of David his twenties, is about 200 million.

Matt Mullenweg
Matt left the University of Houston in 2004. But not for bad grades (was particularly good in computer, barely attending classes), but because they wanted to develop a project, and the school interfered.
At age 20, he had developed the basis for a software that called WordPress, and was in search of work among technology companies.

He accepted a job in the company CNET in San Francisco, with the condition that gave him 15 percent of the time to spend on further developing their software.
After a while, he left the job to form a company called Auttomatic that owns WordPress. WordPress alone receives about 140 million visitors annually, and among all the sites that have installed the software, receive 500 million visits.
It is difficult to quantify the value of what you have created, but analyzing investments received to proceed with your project, you may walk his personal fortune by $ 40 million.

Aaron Levie
As a child, Aaron bombed their parents with their business ideas. An interesting, sometimes too childish. "It was time we stopped listening to it, just let him talk," said her mother now.

Time passed, and went to study at the University of Southern California, where, as part of an exercise in marketing class was asked to choose a market and an analysis of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges (this type is called SWOT analysis, for its acronym in English).

"I chose to analyze the digital storage market, because it was something that interested me at the time," says Aaron. "And during the analysis, I concluded that there was a provider of such services was really significant."
He teamed up with a friend who was studying at another university, which put the money (product of their profits with online poker) and hired programmers and designers to give shape to your idea.

They released their project a couple of months later, name, is a content management system based "on the cloud" (ie on remote servers, which a user can access their information from anywhere the world), which allows businesses to share information and collaborate on joint projects.

In just a couple of years, has grown by leaps and bounds. Based in Palo Alto, California, has to date more than 4 million users, has received investments of over 100 million, employs 90 people, and it is possible that it goes public this year, and is believed to reach an initial value of 3 billion dollars.

Incidentally, the grade received in the class began marketing the project, earned the equivalent of a 9.

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