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Krishna's Finesse: p2

2. Jarasandh vadh and the Rajsuya yagna:

I'll skip some details here, because I don't intend to reproduce the Mahabharat entirely. Suffice to say that Krishna and Arjuna are the closest of friends now. Krishna has helped Arjuna earn multiple celestial weapons, he has convinced Drupad to let Draupadi marry the Pandavas, he has orchestrated the building of the Mayasabha in Indraprastha.

The Rajsuya yagna is his chance to strike against Jarasandh. He convinces Yudhisthir that he needs to perform the yagna to establish his supremacy over India. Who stands in Yudhishthir's way? The current emperor of India, Jarasandh. So do they declare war on Magadh? No. Krishna, Arjuna and Bhima sneak into Magadh, and challenge Jarasandh to single combat. Bhima kills Jarasandh, after which Krishna installs Jarasandh's son Sahadev onto the throne of Magadh. Thus, he eliminates his biggest enemy, gains access to a sizeable army, and makes multiple allies when he frees the political prisoners of Jarasandh. Who else stands in his way? Shishupal, king of Chedi, his lifelong enemy, and the Senapati of Jarasandh's army. Yudhishthir invites Shishupal to the Rajsuya yagna. Krishna is the guest of honor for this yagna, over and above celebrated people like Bhisma and Drona. Krishna lets Shishupal berate and belittle him for a long time--long enough to convince everyone that Shishupal is an ****** of the first degree. Then he calmly beheads him. No battle, no challenge to fight to the death, nothing. In a single stroke, in front of enough witnesses to assert that Shishupal truly deserved it, the Senapati of Jarasandh is gone.

Who else is Krishna's enemy? Duryodhan, friend of Jarasandh, and a political genius in his own right. Duryodhan has befriended Balaram, Krishna's elder brother and the most important person on the Yadava council after Krishna himself. Krishna did not foresee this, but Balaram teaches the mace to Bhima and Duryodhana, and he is impressed with Duryodhana. Duryodhan will not be so easy to eliminate. We will deal with him later.

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