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Grass, well-informed, the National

Odor (root) Gan, flat, non-toxic.
Indications:1, red white diarrhea. Licorice a foot long the moxibustion split break, short jiangshui one liter, half, and simmer till eight co dose.
2, tongue swollen gagged (where he died of life-threatening). Soup, hot pan with licorice cough, spit saliva at any time
3, mouth sores. Two inches with licorice, alum one (such as corn large) with the release of the mouth ponder, swallow the juice.
4 back gangrene. The with licorice thirty-two, mash, increase flour ninety-two total small study. Instillation of good vinegar, a little
And a little water, made pancake, the fomentation gangrene. The cold and back. Unpaired pus can eliminate, has become
Pus precocious break. Physically weak people who can add services Astragalus porridge. Another side: licorice twelve micro-moxibustion, mashed
Immersed in one liter of water after a night of throwing water to bubble, the bubble Piediao only drink licorice water.
5, a variety of ulcer. With licorice thirty-two, micro-moxibustion, chopped, immersed in a half of wine; the other to take the black lead
Tablets, melting juice put into the wine, and soon removed, repeated nine times. The patient to drink this wine to a drunk, the ulcer gradually
More. Another side: jin of licorice, hammer broken, flooding overnight, kneading take gravy, simmered boiled cream, store
Tank. Each serving one or two spoons. This side of the old paste. Swelling to drugs, and significant effect.
6, since the beginning of mastitis. Moxibustion licorice money, the new drain water simmer in water. Outside suck the nipple, to avoid causing obstruction.
7, smallpox. Use the moxibustion liquorice kirilowii root decile, the Jianshui clothing.
8, genitals hanging carbuncle (born in the anus before and after the onset, such as pine nuts, gradually, such as lotus, gradually swelling, such as peach
The child. Into pus break would refractory). With licorice twelve streams bowl slowly over low heat, dip
Moxibustion. From the early afternoon, to the water to make the best degree. Split view, licorice center has moist can. Take
A fine file, then put two bowls of wine in the pan bowl. Warm clothes. Two, the sick heat better, but need to
After twenty days, the swelling will eliminate to make.
9, itchy genitals warm. Decoction of licorice a day, washed five times.
10, frostbite hair crack. First washed with licorice soup, and then use Coptis, Scutellaria research for the end, plus mercury
Powder, sesame oil dressing.
11, soup burns. Tucha licorice fried honey.

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