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Shilpa Show Cancelled After Being Slammed

Bollywood actress and Celebrity Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty's musical ‘Miss Bollywood’ has been cancelled again - because she has taken ill.
After failing to receive any financial backing from London's West End, Shilpa was forced to open her musical in Germany.
Following a badly received premiere, the show, now playing in Cardiff, Wales, has been plagued by setbacks including harsh critical reviews, costume malfunctions and poor ticket sales.
And now lead star Shilpa has been struck down by a mystery illness, consequently failing to show-up at Friday's performance.
Tour organizer Farhath Hussain says, "Shilpa has been ill all week and it on a course of antibiotics. She needs to take a rest." Meanwhile, in an interview to The Birmingham Post, Shilpa said that she has no regrets about Big Brother.
Shilpa, despite being subjected to a campaign of abuse by a group behaving like playground bullies, said she bears no grudges.
"I have no regrets whatsoever. I always believe things happen for a reason, so did Big Brother. It was only nine months ago and my whole life has changed," said Shilpa.
"It all worked out well for me in the end. And I think the whole issue of racism was picked up, which is important."
"I think what I went through was a whole lot of jealousy and all that happened there (in the house) was because of that. I think it proved racism did exist and this whole outburst of people who had been put through it and then been able to stand up for themselves was the great thing that came out of the show. I am happy I was a catalyst in that.
"I also can't not acknowledge the love and warmth that I have received in the UK after that.”
"I didn't think I would last for a week. I thought it was a great opportunity for an Indian to be on international reality show and the money was fantastic. Looking at it realistically, it was a three-week show and they were offering me all this money to be on for whatever time I could pull it off.
"The whole issue of it giving me a platform, to be recognised in the UK, I didn't think people would take note of me! Then I go on to winning it and there is this whole international debate which nobody ever thought of.
"I heard about Gordon Brown addressing the issue a week after I came out and I was shocked. But I really don't believe that you can generalise that the whole of the UK is racist because that is not fair."
Since they all emerged from the house, Shilpa has shown she doesn't bear any ill will towards her antagonists, even inviting Danielle to join her at the premiere of her film Metro.
"I truly have forgiven. Maybe it will take me a long time to forget but I have forgiven because I believe it is bad energy to keep that within yourself. Danielle, Jade and Jo and all those people that were in the house with me, I really don't believe that they need to be punished for long. We all make mistakes in life."

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