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IBM history

1890 Herman Hollerith invented

census machine

[ 22/05/2012 ]
1894 Herman Hollerith founded the tabulating machine

merge to Computing-Tabulating-Recording

[ 22/05/2012]

1911 Herman Hollerith developed a horizontal sorter

to sorter 275 card/minute

1924 IBM


Professor of Applied Mathematics and Director of the Computation Laboratory, Harvard University.

he founded automatic sequence controlled counter

1944 Automatic Sequence Controlled Counter became Harvard Mark I

(Detail of Input/Output and control)
[ 22/05/2012]

it handled 23-decimal-place numbers (words) and could perform all four arithmetic operations; moreover, it had special built-in programs, or subroutines, to handle logarithms and trigonometric functions. it was originally controlled from pre-punched paper tape without provision for reversal, so that automatic "transfer of control" instructions could not be programmed. Output was by card punch and electric typewriter.rotating counter wheels as key components in addition to electromagnetic relays, the machine was classified as a relay computer. It was slow, requiring 3 to 5 seconds for a multiplication, but it was fully automatic and could complete long computations without human intervention.

[ 22/05/2012]

1953 IBM 701

operator’s console

processor frame

Defense Calculator while in development, was announced to the public on April 29, 1952

[ 22/05/2012]

1954 IBM 650

[ 22/05/2012]

Type 650 Power Supply (left)

Type 650 Console Unit (middle)

Type 533 Read-Punch Unit (right)

[ 22/05/2012]

magetic drum

storage device

2 k word consist of 10 digits + sign

1959 IBM 7030 is a minicomputer as the second generation computer. <<<<< where is the photo

1962 IBM 7090 is a vacuum tube as the second generation computer


1964 IBM 360

using for horizontal programming with central processing unit had byte-oriented memory space of 16 MB(2^ 24 bytes). There are 16 hardware register each of 32-bit for binary arithmetic. Also, it function for general purpose. Its able to be virtual machine. This computer support single binary operation code.

1968 IBM 360/85
This is the first cache architecture. It is vertical programming implementation.

197* IBM 370[img]flickr[/img]

1975 John Cocke experimental project for IBM/801 ECL minicomputer

1981 IBM PS/250
There is a main memory between 1-128 MB and 1-2 million instruction per seconds.
1987 IBM PS/2
There is bidirectional parallel port = Standard Parallel Port(SPP)+Extended Industry Standard Architecture(EISA)
198* IBM AS 400
There is a main memory between 1 - 128/256-1024 MB and 22 million instruction per seconds

199* IBM+Apple+Motorola developed Power PC called AIM
1998 IBM has summited Peripheral Component Interconnect-X[img][/img]

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