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Making Long Distance Relationships Work

Many people find themselves in long distance relationships, also called LDRs, for many reasons. Military duty, each partner going to different schools, and work duties are just a few of the most common reasons people find themselves in a long distance relationship. When it comes to making long distance relationships work, it requires a healthy dose of commitment on the part of both partners. Another ingredient is that both partners have to be trusting, and trust-worthy. This can be the hardest part for both partners because the temptations are many when your loved one is many miles away. Let us look at some of the things that each partner can do to ensure the relationship will last.

The first step of making a long distance relationship work is for each partner to stay in contact with the other partner. There should not be very many excuses why each partner should not stay in contact with the other. When each partner makes an all-out effort to stay in contact then it builds more trust, and assures the other that you both are keeping a strong commitment to the relationship. Each partner is responsible for keeping the other up-to-date with his or her itinerary. That way there are no misunderstandings when a regularly scheduled phone call is missed or delayed. When long periods of time go by without any contact the other partner will allow their imagination to run away with them. This is one of the first things that can start a relationship down a rocky road.

If you want to know how to make long distance relationships work, both parties need to visit each other as much as possible. A visit from your loved one will go far in reaffirming each other’s commitment to the relationship. Depending on the circumstances, you should set a goal of seeing each other at least one time a month. This will also strengthen the bond that you each have, you will be showing each other that you are willing to commit the time, money, and energy needed to make the monthly visits happen. Regular visits that are scheduled give each partner something to look forward to, which will help him or her get them through the month. The next thing to remember is that with modern technology you do not have to be physically in the same location in order to share time together. With high-speed internet, web-cams, cell phones, and all of the other technological gadgets that are available, you can spend a lot of time together. All of this technology will allow each of you to be creative with how you stay in contact with your loved one.

Keep romantic times simple and loving, but do not forget any of them. Forgetting a birthday or holiday when in a relationship is bad. Missing those all-important days when attempting to keep a long distance relationship on track is devastating. Not only will you miss an opportunity to do something special for your loved one, but also you will hurt their feelings. This can cause doubts to start to creep into your partners mind. Birthdays are the worst thing to miss; when a birthday arrives, do something special for your partner even if you cannot be together. Another thing that both partners need to do is to listen to each other. Listening is a great thing, you can learn many things. Listening to how your partner talks to you can tell you a lot about where their mind is, are they still using pet names? Do they still refer to your relationship the same? For instance, has boyfriend or girlfriend backed up to just friends, or friends with benefits? Both partners need to keep track of where they stand.

When making long distance relationships work, both partners need to make long-term goals, and both of you need to agree on those goals. An example of this is if one goal of the relationship is to live together at some point. Is marriage the end goal of the relationship? Whatever the goals are, that will give each partner something to look forward to, and a better reason to stick with the relationship. Again, trust is possibly the biggest element of making a long distance relationship work, if you do not trust your partner you may want to rethink your involvement in the relationship. Without trust doubts will eventually come between the two of you, this will lead to arguments, accusations, and many other actions that you will both regret. Doubting your partner in the least will probably lead to a break-up.

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I wouldn't want a long term relationship that turned into a fight. Laughing

"When making long distance relationships work, both partners need to make long-term goals, and both of you need to agree on those goals." - citing article, good idea!

So what are our goals? Mind your own business. That's a good one. Seriously its a good one. Laughing

I think it is an informative read, thanks for posting. I mean blogging it.
Bluedoll on Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:32 pm
Thanks Bluedoll,

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garlovsky on Wed Jan 18, 2012 4:06 pm
@garlovsky, I removed them both now. It does look a bit spammy but it's ok for this time. Just don't put links with a lot of keywords in all your posts. By the way, your second link is to the sitemap for search engines?
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