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Pretty Okay Week

The past week for me has had its ups and downs. I am more looking forward to what is to come later in the week however. I will start with the downs. Last Thursday I opened my web browser to facebook, my homepage, and saw a little two minute video that caught my eye. In the process of watching the video I received a message from a family member. Opening it, it read, "Blank is mad that you did not respond to my message." This is how the conversation continued:
Me : "...?"
Blank: "You are not that dumb... or should I start calling you Blank"
Blank: "We talked about your not responding."
Blank: "Is that what you want Blank and I to do next time you want something."
Me: "I didn't know about any drama..."
Blank:I don't know about any birthday or christmas presents... Even if you don't know details, it still has no bearing on you responding. Are you the same as Blank and Blank, or are you different?"
Me: So... because I didn't respond to a message im now like Blank or Blank?"
Blank: You tell me?
Me: Clrealy I'm not.
Blank: Then my expectations are for a bit more respect from you. Blank is pissed... I'll grow a set on you yet... Smile
Me: ...
(At this point I was done with this conversation and left facebook)
Blank: You hide in the basement to escape the chaos... When you leave home, there will be no place to hide. Unless you plan to live at home until you are 40.

After this conversation I received texts from another family member saying that it was disappointing that I chose to ignore a family member that has been supportive of me. After this happened I honestly had that feeling of "What the hell just happened???". This whole thing did drive me into a depression, why I am not quite sure but I was pretty depressed for a couple days. Almost everyone keeps telling me to apologize to the person, but I don't feel I have anything to apologize for. There were a couple of reasons I chose not to respond to their message of "any drama?" The reason being that this is all they have seemed to care about and that was the only message I ever got from them, and I got sick of it. A, I try to keep myself out of family drama because I have more important things to worry about, so I dont have any information very often. B, As I said I grew very sick of that being the only thing the person cared about. I don't think that I was in the wrong to not reply. I would not say that I was ignoring them, because if they would have messaged me about anything else I most likely would have replied. Maybe I'm wrong.

Now onto some happier news. This friday I will be attending a Mindless Self Indulgence concert with some friends. We bought our tickets about 2 months ago, so I have been waiting a while for this night. I also received news that the band Brand New will be playing near me this summer, so my friends and I will definitely be going to that. I cant really go into any detail about the happy events of my week, but pretty much every day since I got over my depression has been pretty good.

Sidenote: Has frihost been going down a lot recently? I dont know if it is just my desktop at home, but every time I try coming on frihost it never loads, and according to an "is it down" website it was just that frihost was down. Can anyone confirm this for me?

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Reminds me of the saying about being able to choose your friends, and not your family. I've never been good with these dramas myself - can really depress a person. Glad you managed to get over it.

Frihost was down for a few days when it got caught in a new takeover of the company that hosts server 2 (with our Forum on it) in the US. There was no warning. Servers got moved from Scranton, Philadelphia to North Carolina at a moment's notice. Also at the time when it went down it was so chaotic with the takeover that no one had an idea when their servers would be up and running again, if at all. Hence, it felt like a miracle to me when Frihost was up and running again. The move and takeover may turn out to be a good thing as maybe we got baled out to a certain extent. Hope it is affordable though, as the new host gave notice of a rate increase.
deanhills on Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:21 pm

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