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Short Story Part 5

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Darrius stood up from his chair looking at what he had just done. The car accident spread across the multiple monitors hanging in front of his face. Gyran approached him from behind.
“Good it is about time you finished. Now we can start to go back and fix all of the files you corrupted,” Gyran stated in a harsh voice, “You better get started with the clean up now.” Darrius sat back down a Gyran walked away. Turning back towards the monitors he scanned his eyes over the picture again. The red vehicle laying upside down on the side of the road. Layna being treated by the paramedics in tears as she watches more paramedics trying to revive Finn.
Darrius felt the emotion start to well within himself. It was his fault Finn had to die. If he would have been more careful this all could have been avoided. He thought he could fix it without having to erase Finn, but he didn’t have enough time. Finn didn’t deserve this kind of ending. After the life he was living before the Grand Web collided with earth Darrius thought that placing him in a happier life would have been better. Some how though Gyran had found out what he was doing and forced him to stop. It had been his responsibility to rebuild Finn’s life and restore it to his mind, but he inserted Finn into the wrong life. One filled with much more happiness that what he was use to. Sure Darrius had to go in and change a bunch of the variables to make it so the family would recognize Finn as their own. Darrius was hoping to have been able to get everything squared away, so that it looked like that was Finn’s actual life. He tried to coax Finn into accepting this as his life, but Finn had put up a fight.
Darrius felt a tear fall from his eye. Killing someone was never easy for him. Darrius got up walking to the other side of the large computer filled room. He found Finn’s drawer and pulled it open revealing Finn’s stiff body. Pulling out the drawer the rest of the way he lifted Finn’s shirt showing the chord connecting him to what remained of the Grand Web.
After the Grand Web collided with Earth that day five years ago most of humanity was wiped out. Those who remained joined together and formed the council. The council gathered all the bodies that they could and brought them to these uplink connections where they could connect the people to what remained of the Grand Web. While the people were connected their minds were in a digital coma. In this digital coma the council would piece together all of the memories and pieces of lives that remained in the Grand Web. As they were doing this the people would live in a simulation of their lives a few days before the collision occurred over and over again, but every time they would not remember the last time, in an endless loop.
Darrius was in charge of his own sector of people. He had completed a couple of others, but once he got Finn he had slipped up and put Finn’s DNA code into the wrong files, and simulation. He was trying to reprogram everything so Finn would fit in with out causing to much damage to the files of the others. Darrius figured this would be alright, because after searching through the query of people the actual son’s body had never been recovered. Darrius was almost done with the reprogramming when Gyran forced him into doing what he had just done. He had to make Finn choke on the waffle, fall down the stairs, and now be in the car accident. Darrius had wished there was another way, but he had to follow Gyran’s orders and terminate Finn’s mind.
The deed was done it was time to unplug Finn’s body and move on to the next person. After all there was no mind left to put into the body. Darrius had killed it. He wrapped his fingers around the chord, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. There had to be another way, and besides Gyran now thought than Finn was dead. Darrius removed his hand from the chord and put Finn’s shirt back in place and closed the drawer. Walking back over to the desk he pulled up the scrolling code of Finn’s dying mind. Finn’s body was in transit to the hospital in the simulation Layna crying out with tears streaming from her eyes.
Looking through the code Darrius located Finn’s heartbeat variable, and it was almost to zero. Darrius watched as all of his life levels were almost diminished. Going through each one he put a code sequence in that would help bring them up. He returned his eyes to the simulation. He watched as Finn’s chest began to rise and fall. His heart variable returning to a normal level. Darrius smiled to himself. He selected the title of the simulation and changed it from Finn Krailo to the name of the next person he was suppose to be working on. That way when Gyran tried to see what he was working on from upstairs it would show up as someone else. Darrius cracked his knuckles and got back to work on Finn.

Finn could hear beeping. He tried to open his eyes, but he couldn’t get his lids open. He could feel something large sticking out of his mouth. There were voiced all around him. There was something pressed over his face. What was going on?
“He is waking up.” he heard one of the voices say.
“Quick remove the tape from his eyes!” replied another voice.
Finn felt hands on his forehead as the strangers removed the tape from his eyes. Once Finn opened his eyes he has to squint to see in the bright light. He tried to say something, but the tube in his mouth prevented him from saying anything.
“Don’t worry Finn you are in the hospital. You were in a car accident, and don’t worry your sister is fine just some bruises and a broken arm. Unfortunately you were not as lucky,” the nurse said with a sympathetic smile, “I am afraid you broke a few ribs, and you arm was sliced up pretty good. Don’t try moving it we have it strapped down so you don’t tear out the staples.” She finished pointing at his right arm.
Finn lifted his head and tried looking around the best he could. He could see cuts all over his chest. There were a couple that had staples in them along with a few stitches. He chest was mostly a deep purple and a green color from bruising. It hurt to take a deep breath. Looking over he saw staples running from just below his shoulder down to just past his elbow. His entire arm felt numb. Finn was confused, he could barely remember what happened. He remembered seeing the truck drivers face and the sound of sirens, but that was it. He laid his head back down on to the pillow.
A doctor walked into the room followed by his mother, father, and Layna her face still flushed from crying. His mother walked over to him and stroked her hand on his forehead.
“I am so glad you are alright,” she said as she started to cry, “didn’t I tell you before you left for school today not to give me anymore scares.” Finn started to cry he had never had people care for him so much before. He didn’t care that from this morning he had no idea who they were. Now they felt more like his family than anything ever had before. Finn tried to smile the tube in his mouth making it difficult, but he tried as the tears of joy started to flow from his eyes.

Darrius leaned back in his chair and smiled. He reached forward and switched off the monitors, and then the lights. On his way out he locked Finn’s drawer so no one would unplug the body. Darrius had put into to much work to let Finn die. Finn deserved this life. Darrius opened the exit door and walked outside locking it behind him. Tomorrow he would give Finn a day with out all of the injury. Darrius chuckled and started his walk home.

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