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Short Story Part 4

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Finn shoved the final piece of waffle into his mouth. His cheeks were puffed out as he tried to chew all the food he had shoved into his mouth. He tried swallowing but it wouldn’t go down. He couldn’t get any air through. Finn felt his heart starting to speed up as he began to panic. Lurching up from the table he put his hands buy his throat trying to force air out. Trying to make a sound, but he couldn’t get anything to come through. He slammed his fist down on the table. His dad finally lowered the paper, and saw Finn choking struggling to get any air that he could. He jumped up running over to Finn. Placing his arms around Finn he started doing the heimlich maneuver. After a particularly hard thrust Finn lurched forward the waffle dislodging from his windpipe. Finn coughed as air started to return from his legs.
“Gotta slow down there buddy. That could have been very bad!” exclaimed the father patting Finn on the back. Finn leaned on the table and coughed a couple more times. He felt a throbbing pain in his abdomen from the violent force that had been applied to it.
“Thanks,” Finn mustered once he had regained enough air to speak again. Standing up straight he stretched his arms above his head and yawned.
“Enough of that,” his father said laughing, “you better go get ready for school you don’t want Layna to leave you behind, and you know she will.” Finn smiled and turned walking his way back through the gleaming white kitchen, and through the living room. While passing through the living room his mother stood up from the couch.
“Is everything alright I heard a lot of noise, and coughing,” his mom stated with and obvious amount of worry in her voice.
“Everything is fine Mom, I just forgot how to eat waffles for a little,” Finn said with a cheeky laugh. As Finn proceeded to the stairs he felt an awkward feeling in his gut. He had just called her mom. It had felt so natural, like this is where he was suppose to be. These strangers were starting to feel a lot more like he had known them forever. It felt more natural than he thought it should. Maybe he was just going crazy. Maybe that other life was just a dream.
As Finn walked into his room he looked at the bathroom door.
“No time for a shower I only have 15 minutes until Layna is leaving,” he said to himself. Then again he could always just walk to school, but there was one problem he couldn’t remember how to get there. He felt a sharp shooting pain in the back of his head. The pain vanished as suddenly as it had disappeared. He walked over to the dresser opening the top drawer. He picked a pair of boxers, and some socks. Placing them on the bed he moved to the closet where after browsing for a minute he picked a shirt. Grabbing a pair of jeans from one of the storage units in the closet he returned to his bed. It struck him once he had reached the bed. If he had never been in this room before, then how did he know where to find all of the cloths. He had never gone through the dresser, or storage units when he had woken up that morning. After Finn had changed he grabbed the pajamas walking into the bathroom he through the pajamas into the small basket he had saw there during his morning exploration. Walking over to the sink he looked at himself in the mirror. At least his hair looked okay enough. Hopefully he could get away with a shower later in the day. Opening the mirror he found a tube a tooth paste. Picking up the tooth brush that was laying on the side of the sink Finn quickly brushed his teeth.
“You got 5 minutes punk!” Finn heard Layna yell from outside his bedroom door jingling some keys in her hand. Finn quickly finished brushing his teeth.
Once he had finished he rushed out of his room. He began running down the stairs when he felt his foot get caught on something. He tried to grab for some support but missed the railing. Tumbling head first he rolled down the remaining stairs bending his neck in a very painful position as he went down. His mother rushed from the couch to help him up.
“Oh my are you hurt!? Do you need to go to the hospital?” his mother questioned panic flooding her words.
“No I think I’m alright,” Finn answered rubbing his sore neck. “Great,” he thought to himself, “now I get to go through the day with a sore stomach, and some killer neck pains.” As Finn was slipping on his shoes his mother brought him his backpack.
“Have a good day honey, and please try to be a little more careful I can’t handle anymore scared today.” she said with a worried smile. She leaned in giving Finn a tight hug before turning him around and shoving his out the door. “Now hurry up Layna is already waiting in the car.”
Finn approached the red vehicle still rubbing his tender neck. Opening the passenger door Finn got in placing the backpack at his feet. Without saying a word Layna put the car in reverse, and backed out of the drive through. Finn was off to what felt like his first day of school.

“I told you to get this done.”
“I am trying sir.”
“Obviously not hard enough, we cannot have our whole lives work ruined because of your mistake that you refuse to fix.”
“I promise you sir I am doing everything I can to fix it”
“Enough talk. Get back to work, and get this done.”

Once Finn arrived at school he was surrounded with new faces. He had a strange sense. For some reason he new where to go, but he was positive he had never been here before. He went to all of the right classes, and there was even a finished homework assignment in the backpack. The school day went by in a haze, and Finn felt like he was just the vessel on a set path. Luckily his neck didn’t bug him much during the day, except when would try to look up, or raise his hand. Things still just did not feel completely right. Before he knew it the final bell was ringing, and the day was over.
Finn walked out of the double doors to the front stair case of the school. Looking around he saw Layna’s car waiting for him. As he approached he could see Layna sitting in the driver seat paging through a magazine. Finn tried to open the passenger door, but found that it was locked. Knocking on the window he tried to get Layna’s attention. Layna took a quick glance before returning her eyes to her magazine. She moved her had over the switch causing the lock on the door to flip up. She put away her magazine as Finn got into the car. Again she didn’t say anything to him as she pulled away from the school. About half way back to the house they stopped at a red light.
“Are you okay Layna? You haven’t spoken a single word to me since we left the house this morning,” Finn asked looking over.
“Well lets just say that I got some surprising information while I was waiting for you in the car this morning. I tell you when mom and dad are around so you can all here it,” she replied her eyes still focused on the red light.
The light changed to green and Layna hit the gas. Out of nowhere Finn heard a loud car horn followed by tires squealing. Time felt like it started to slow. Finn looked out his window, and saw the large truck heading straight for the car. Time slowed even more, and he could see the horrified look of the truck driver. Finn braced himself, pressing his hands against the seat. Time returned to normal, and the truck struck.
The car was thrown across the street, where it continued to roll a couple times. Finn heard Layna screaming, he was trying to stay calm, but soon he found him self screaming just as loud. He felt the car stop rolling, and heard the faint sounds of sirens. Finn tried his hardest to stay awake. His vision was starting to get hazy. He felt hands pulling on him before everything went black.

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