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Short Story Part 3

Part 1 here:
Finn almost burst out laughing. How could he be okay! He has just woken up in a place where he has no idea where he is, and now is meeting people he has never met before in his life that are acting like they are his family. He was far from being okay.
“Yea... I’m fine just a bit tired.” Finn answered trying to not make eye contact with the stranger.
She smiled, “Okay, why don’t you eat some breakfast before you have to get ready for school.” She motioned at the chair next to the younger girl. Who by this time had finished her eggs, and had not moved on to a waffle. Finn moved to the chair, and sat down. He just sat and looked at them. He tried to think if he had ever seen these people before in his life. The only people he could remember was his drunk father, and terrified mother. He was so confused.
Putting down her coffee, “Are you sure there is nothing wrong dear? You have just been sitting there looking at us.” Her eyes grew a look of worry, “Is there something that you need to tell us Finn?” Finn panicked. They knew his name too!
“No, I am fine. I just can’t decide what I want to eat today.” Finn said putting on a fake smile.
“Well if your not going to have any bacon, then I am going to have it.” The father stated lowering the paper from his face, and taking another drink of coffee. He put down the mug and gave Finn a friendly smile. Who were these people, and why are they being so nice to me!?
“Just eat.” The word floated into his mind. Like they were whispered to him from somewhere inside himself. Finn picked a couple pieces of sausage, and a couple of waffles placing them on his plate. The girl sitting next to him passed him a small glass pitcher filled with syrup. Finn poured the golden liquid over the steaming warm food. Cutting a piece of sausage he swished it around in the syrup before lifting it to his mouth. It was ecstasy. Finn had never had sausage, at least for about the last three years. The only taste he could remember was mashed potatoes and other veggies.
Finn heard the whisper again in his head, “Good now relax. Eat breakfast with your family.” Family the word struck Finn. This was not his family, or was it? Was the other family just a dream? He tried thinking. A picture of the girl floated into his head.
“Layna” Finn breathed out.
“Yea?” The girl said looked at Finn with a quizzical look on her face.
“N-nothing,” Finn said looking back down at his plate picking up a syrup drenched piece of waffle.
Another whisper, “Eat with your family be happy. You better hurry up your father needs to leave for work soon, and your mother is almost done with her coffee. Layna is almost done eating, and she is your ride to school. She will leave you behind. After all she has to get to her college math class.” Finn closed his eyes.

“Please sir just give me some more time!”
“No, this is you mistake, and you need to fix it. Soon.”
“But sir, I know I can...”
“I don’t want to hear it. You know what you have to do, and you better do it. I’ll be checking back to see if you have succeeded.”

Finn opened his eyes. He felt his heart start to slow down. Things started to feel normal. These people didn’t feel like such strangers anymore. Looking down he noticed that he stand half a waffle left.
Getting up from her chair, “Better hurry up kid we leave in 20.” Layna stated walking into the next room. Finn Quickly scarfed down the rest of his waffle.
This is just what I got done so far today. Well part 2 and this one.

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