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Short Story Part 2

Here is what I got done of it today. Part of part 1 was included. If you havent read that first here:
Finn lurched forward in bed. The room was pitch black. The only thing that could be seen was the small alarm clock sitting on a night stand next to the bed that read 6:05 am. Its alarm was beeping like crazy. Finn reached over and flipped the off switch. Sitting up his bead felt different. He squinted his eyes trying to see some detail in the dark. He slowly got up his bare feet landing on a carpeted floor. Moving slowly he moved forward keeping his hands in front of himself to avoid walking straight into a wall. After a few steps he felt the coolness of a wall under his finger tips. Rubbing his hands over the wall Finn searched for a light switch. He eventually found the small piece of plastic that pointed from the wall. Flipping the switch the light flashed on. Finn covered his eyes, not be adjusted to the brightness that now filled the room.
Finn slowly moved his hands away from his eyes. The more his hand revealed the more that his heart rate increased. Bringing his hands down to his sides Finn blinked a few times. This was not right. He looked around the room. There was a couple band and movie posters on the dark white walls. Most Finn had never even heard of before. This was not his room. In his room the walls were blue. He didn’t have any posters in his room just a bed and a dresser, but now he was standing in a fully furnished room. There was a full sized bed, what looked like and oak desk with one of those fancy chairs for it, two dressers, and a night stand.
He walked over to one of the three doors in the room there was one next to the light switch, and two more on the adjacent wall. Finn walked over to the right door on the adjacent wall. Turning the knob the door opened to a small dark room. He reached his hand inside, quickly finding the light switch and flipping on the light. It was a full bathroom with a full shower and everything. Turning the light off and closing the door he moved to the door to the left. Opening it he found a closet full of shirts, and more little storage units on the floor. Looking through the shirts Finn had never seen any of them before. Opening the door full Finn saw his reflection in the mirror that hung inside. He let out a sigh, and his heart beat slowed a little. He still looked the same. Same brown hair in his special style, same hazel eyes, same face, same body. Finn realized that he had never even seen the cloths that he was now wearing. He had dark read plaid pajama pants, and a blank tan t-shirt. Closing the door Finn returned to the bed and sat down. Putting his hands in his head he tried to think. Trying to piece together what was going on. He made a mental checklist quietly mumbling the answers to himself.
“My name is Finn Krailo. I am 17. My father is a drunk who is addicted to ether. My mother never does anything but cook. I live on 326 Manjin Avenue. I go to Ratlin High School.” He tried to put the pieces together, but he couldn’t figure out what was going on.
There was a knock on the door, a female voice ringing through.
“Finn are you going to come get some breakfast, or are you just going to stay in your room until we have to leave for class?” Finn looked up at the door trying to figure out who the voice was. He couldn’t match it with anybody he could remember.
Stuttering Finn replied to the mystery voice “Yeah I’ll be there in a bit.” Finn was reluctant to get up. Who knew what could lay behind that door. Finn got up an walked towards the the maple door. Lightly gripping the cool metal door knob he turned it, and slowly opening door revealing more of this mystery world.
The door opened to a hallway. Finn peered his head around the corners there were two more doors to his left, another door across the hall, and a staircase leading down. The smell of eggs and bacon danced around his nose. Finns mouth was watering and he felt his stomach growl. With slow cautious steps he walked from the room and followed the scent. The scent lead him to the stairs, and then down into a large living room. The living room had 2 couches, 3 recliners with a large glass coffee table that was also a fish tank. Finn had never seen anything this fancy. There was a door way on each side of the room. Following the scent Finn walked through the living room letting his hand run over the leather furniture as he walked past. Walking through the open door way he was lead in to the whitest room he had ever seen. White cabinets, stove, faucet, dishwasher, and even the table and curtains were white. Finn felt a chill as his bare feet came into contact with the shining white linoleum floor.
He could hear the sounds of movements coming through the door way on the other side of the kitchen. Finn moved slowly and silently towards the sounds. This was all so strange. Where was he? What was going on? As he turned the corner he saw three people sitting at a table eating a huge feast of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and a large stack of waffles. Who were these people? There was an older man, an older women, and a girl that looked to be a couple years older than Finn.
“About time you got down here. Dad almost ate all of the bacon!” the younger girl said between bites of egg. The older man, or “Dad” apparently had an empty plate in front of him and was sipping a cup of coffee with a newspaper in front of his face. The older women who Finn guessed was “Mom” turned to look at Finn. She gave him a weird look.
“Are you okay honey?” she asked sweetly.

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