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Can't wait to get away. Pt1.

This weekend was not a good one for me at work. My boss was there everyday the whole time that I was working. Normally I dont mind when she is there and I am working, but it was horrible. She was yelling at me for everything I did, and treating me like it was my first couple weeks. So I got put on front counter which is mostly for the new people, and put a person that sucks (I am not the only one who thinks so) in drive through. That was friday. It did not get much better on Saturday, when I walk in to get ready I get a glare from my boss. Everyone else gets a "Hi, how are you". So I think that it is safe to say that with this, and how it has been in the past that my boss does not like me. I have put up with it for far to long. On Saturday I was finally fed up. I turned in a bunch of applications, none at fast food places, and I am going to be calling them today. I can't wait till I can go in an put in my two weeks at that hell hole.

There has been a lot leading up to me wanting a new job, and I had been talking about quitting for a while now. I was going to wait until summer, or possibly the end of summer before looking for another job. I have been filled to my limit though, and I can't take anymore of it. I am so sick of how the McDonalds corporation treats their employees, you are practicably working slave labor. (<-not meant to start an argument about how people are working for pennies an hour in other countries so please just leave it alone, along with all the money stuff I am talking about.) I'm sorry, but I think that working over 60 hours on each paycheck and only making $400 is bull. Plus I know that McDOnalds break policy is the worst in my town. Everywhere else I hear about a break after 4 hours. For us you have to be scheduled at least 5 and half hours, and if you are over 18 you get one 15 minute break. People under 18 get 32 minute break, per. state law.

Not a fun place to work, and I can't wait to get away.
(I have run out of time to finish this at the moment so I will later.)

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Good luck on your job search.
standready on Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:23 am

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