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so stress

So I worked one of my longer shifts yesterday. I was kind of relieved that when I walked in it was for the most part dead. My smile faded when they told me I was going to be initiating*. I had never done it before. It was a friday night and things were bound to pick up, and it was my fault if times got to high and we had a violation.

*Initiating is where I am the first person on the sandwich line. It is my job to toast ans steam the buns, get out the boxes and wrappers, put the grill slips on (slips stating if the customer wanted something extra, or if they didn't want something on the sandwich.), and then put all the toppings on. After I do all that I have to pass it down to my finished who will put the meat on, and wrap the sandwich.

I don't get why they didn't switch me and the finisher considering he has known grill longer, and I finish more than anything in grill. It does not help that we have a stupid special going on our fish sandwiches, and those get steamed buns that take 15 seconds to steam. That may not sound like a lot, but when you have a screen full of orders it seems like forever. Plus we have 5 different kind of buns, and we can only put 3 at a time in the toaster.

So now how the night actually went. It started off okay, and they had someone stay a little after their shift to sort of train me on how to do it. It remained pretty slow so the person left. A couple minutes after they left bam we get crazy busy. And what was the first order? 11 double cheese burgers of corse. Through out the night it would slow down and pick up throughout the night, but then my finisher was done with his shift and left. I still had two more hours. I was alone on the grill line doing everything myself. Adding to my responsibilities, completely making all food, and making all the fried foods.

Now onto what a violation is. We have specific times in the drive through that it takes between when the customer orders, and they get their food. Based on our average time at the end of each hour we either made times, or had a violation. if we have a violation our boss gets called who has to then call her boss. Who will yell at her, who will yell at the manager, who will yell at us. Being the initiator all the blame will fall on me for not being fast enough. Yeah it was a stressful shift, and was glad when I got to go home 15mins early.

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