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Weird Improvements over time.

So I have been noticing more and more recently that I have been getting better at different skills that I use to never be really good at.

Like for example I have found myself looking at my hands while typing much less lately. I know that even just a month ago I was writing a paper looking at my hands pretty much the whole time. Which is bad for me because I am not a person who likes to go back and proof read, so I would often have many mistakes in my papers. Now that I watch the screen while I type I find myself making much less mistakes. I don't know I just find it funny.

I have also found myself taking more notes lately in classes when for the longest while I hated taking notes. Now I it still is not my favorite thing to do, but I have found myself doing it more often than what I use to do. Though I still hate those classes that have you take a bunch of notes that end up not helping you at all on any of the tests or quizzes.

Along with that I have also been spending more time in homework. Now I am not saying that I am a person who just doesn't do their homework in fact most of the time I don't have homework at all. I just have been putting more effort into and taking more time on it. My grades have remained about the same though being all a's and b's.

This is off topic, but the last thing I said made me think of it. It seems that in every high school class that I take on the first day the teacher always says "This is a college level course" which I am starting to find very annoying, because it almost seems to me that teachers are using it as an excuse for overly high expectations when in reality that class is right at high school level. I don't know it just bugs me. Razz

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