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Multimedia story

First if you have not read this please do so
So here it is
------------------------------------------------------------------Ashley woke up to find herself surround by dark musty walls. As she stood up she felt a sinister chill run down here spine. “Where am I?” she asked her self, her heart beating faster and faster. That was when she a heard a voice, a deep voice that spoke in almost a whisper.
“Welcome to my little game children. Right now there are seven of you, but only one can win. A true game makes the player try their hardest to achieve victory. My game is different, in my game the player has to try their hardest to survive. All of you are at different places in my fun little maze the first to make it to the center will win… well lets just say that it is a very special prize. Feel free to work together, but remember only one can have the prize. So now I say to Jacob, Kevin, Ashley, Logan, Raven, Ben, and Alicia; let the game begin!” Ashley looked around but could not find the source of the voice then, she heard a huge explosion. She was scared; she wanted to be anywhere but here.
Kevin slowly strolled through the maze he could care less about winning. He didn’t even want to win. Out of nowhere he saw some movement. It looked to small to be human, but it was very hard to tell the only source of light being a fungus covered light bulb on the wall of the maze. He squinted his eyes trying to focus on quickly moving creature. For a bit he lost of sight of it, he wasn’t afraid he just kept strolling on down the hallway, but from behind him he heard a slight purring. Kevin turned around to find a cat; he knew this cat from somewhere though. It was his mother’s cat. The very same cat that his mother had loved more than him spending money to feed the cat, while Kevin went hungry. Kevin clenched his fist in anger he kicked the cat as hard as he could slamming it into the wall; he heard as its bones cracked and it fell limp to the ground. The others heard the cat’s last cry, but none ever ran into Kevin.
Logan and Ben ran into each other soon after the “game” had started. They decided to work together to get to the end, but they both agreed that once the center was in site it was everyman for himself. They walked down the halls blindly turning left and right down the halls. It was then when they heard some crying. Once they rounded the next corner they saw the figure slumped against the wall. Alicia stood up to face the approaching boys. It was when they passed under the light that she recognized them. She knew them from her hometown, then she was reminded of the horrible things she did. In fear that they would recognize her she came up with a plan. She ran from them ducking around a couple corners and crouching down. Confused Ben and Logan followed, but when they rounded the corner she leapt on them thrusting her knife through both of them. “Sorry for everything.” Then she slid the knife across her throat.
Jacob was just casually strolling through the maze; he could really care less about winning this stupid contest. He saw some movement up ahead, and he could to hear to female voices one sounded young the other around his age. When he got there he recognized the older figure a girl from his school named Raven, but he did not know who the smaller person was he got closer crouching to stay hidden. He heard the little girl asking Raven why she would do what she did. The little girl kept saying that as Raven began to sob. Raven let a scream and punched the wall shattering the light from the flash Jacob say blood dripping down from the little girls face. That was when the girl muttered, “Why did you kill me big sister?” Jacobs jaw dropped he stood up and walked over to the sobbing girl. Her screams at him to go away did nothing. He tried to help her up, but she just pushed him away. It was when he tried again that he saw it, nestled against her leg a gun, but in a flash it was in her hand pointed at him.
She had told him to go away, but he just wouldn’t listen. This was his fault that she had to do this. She knew him from school he would tell everyone. No, she couldn’t let that happen; so she pulled the trigger.
“You did good my puppet.” Kevin announced as the walls around her slid down to the ground. “You did everything just as I wanted you to. In fact this could not have gone more according to plan all of the others are dead they killed each others, and them selves.”
“What are you talking about?” She screamed so hard he throat burned.
“Don’t you see this was all my work? I pick people and put them in this maze to see what happens. There is no prize, because there is no middle. The thing is usually I let them alone until they all are dead, but you after I found out what you did I had to have you stay alive.” Raven couldn’t believe what she was hearing she dropped down on her knees and began crying the tears pouring down her face. “Do not be sad my little puppet you will learn to enjoy watching as people have to face there past. Watch as their world breaks down right in front of you. Its such a rush!” He screamed laughing after words.
“You don’t understand.” Raven sobbed. “I will never be a puppet, I will never follow you.”
“Well it’s a little to late for that look at how you played perfectly into my little game. I am your new master I know your past, and I’m not talking about the what you did to your sister I mean what happened with your old master.”
“Don’t talk about it.” She said angrily as she stood up and walked away. “I will never be a someone’s puppet again.” As she muttered this she placed her gun to her head and pulled the trigger.
I know its not that good, but again it was very hard to compress the story line into so little space, so this is the product so far, and now I get to pick a scene and make it into a movie.

2 blog comments below

I know its not that good

Wrong, that was very god. You a very creative.
standready on Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:06 pm
I have to agree with Stand. Though it was a bit difficult to follow just for the fact that the viewpoints changed so quickly and there seemed to be an overload of information (the character's backstories that are being hinted at) in such a short period of time. But nonetheless, it was a gripping short story and I thought it was very enjoyable to read.
lkglacier on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:07 pm

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