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project post #1

First off if you have not read this please do so first.
This is what I have typed so far, it isn't much, but it is all I could get done in 30 mins. I have much more of it written than this.
I awoke in a sweat. It was the dream again. I have been having this dream for the past few weeks now. It all started when it happened. All I see in the dream is the villagers running and screaming from them. I could see the shady figured dashing around. They were moving around so fast all I could see was the glint from their knives, the light coming from the fires that they had started, and the black flashes of their armor as they dashed around slashing the villagers throats open. I donít know what my dream means, but it scares me. In the dream I canít do anything; I canít move, speak, or help the villagers. All I can do is watch.

My name is Skorn, I am 16, and I live on the far side of the village of Turachtoe. I left my home where I had lived with my mom, dad, and two sisters; Elencia, and Raven. I left a few years ago to become an apprentice tailor here in Turachtoe. Iím not going to lie; it was hard for me to leave my home. I just couldnít stay on that pathetic attempt at a farm. My father tried his hardest to be a good farmer, but he just couldnít get anything to grow. The only livestock we had was a cow, but we used that for milk.
I am no longer an apprentice tailor; I donít know why I decided to quit the training. It just didnít seem right for me, plus according to my master I had a very poor taste of fashion and my stitches were horrid. The reason that I am still living in this shack and not back home with my family is for the simple reason being that of my failure. Not only that but I may have said and done some pretty bad things, and Iím sire word gets around. I donít think that they would even want me back anymore. Of course I have tried to find another job, but I canít find anyone who will hire me thanks to my old master and his big mouth. In reality I donít have a choice other than to just stay here in this shack. Thought I need to start preparing for another hunting trip, I am staring to get low on food. Hopefully this time I will actually be able to get some skins to sell for a few coins at the market stalls.

I thought day about going back to bed that day, but I feared that the dream may return. I canít take looking into the eyes of the villagers who I see almost every day as the shady figured slashes their knife across their throat. The eyes calling, screaming for me to help them, but all I can do Is watch.
So what do you think?

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Nicely done, can't wait to read what's next.
I'm curious what the dreams mean.
loremar on Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:23 am

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