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It's happening again!

As I look through the first couple pages of the forums and also when I click posts since your last visit all I find are topics from 5 years ago that some new member posted in. I think that the forums need to be weeded through to get rid of most of these old useless topics, or perhaps in the case where someone is having a problem once their problem is solved have a mod lock. I realize that to lay this all on the moderators would be insane, what I am saying is also to the users say if you were the one with the problem maybe pm a moderator, or report it asking for it to be locked, to help this stop happening. It just really isn't fun when trying to look for topics to post in that all the ancient ones are in the way.

Also after seeing most of this being done for new members, it brings me to another issue that seems to be going on. I think that frihost needs better protection from the spammers. I don;t know maybe it is just me but it seems like 80% of the new users I see have 1 or 2 posts (That are total crap) then they have -5 points. I don't know what could be done to help this, so if you have some ideas post them.

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I actually don't mind most old topics that are brought back up. Much better than seeing a brand new topic of the same thing taking up space on the boards. Some of those oldies I had not responed to anyway.

As for spammers, not much more can be done than is already in place. We, as the community, can help by reporting useless/spam newbie post.
standready on Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:19 pm

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