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The Drunk Man

So today I was working the front counter and it was around 6:30 PM, and this big old guy comes stumbling in and orders 8 mc chickens so we give him his large order and he walks off. Then about five minutes later a girl who hasn't even punched in for work brings the tray up with 1 of the mc chickens he eaten and said that he said he ordered chicken nuggets. So the manager goes out and takes care of it. Then a little later she checked on him and he was rubbing sweet and sour sauce all over the table. I forgot to say that when he came in he had a large yellow streak going through his beard which I think could have been vomit.

Then as I am leaving another crew member on break walks past him and he starts asking her for all this stuff. I was glad to hear her say let me get my manager, and that is all i know of it. So in all he messed up a table and wasted 7 and 1/2 sandwiches. Plus there was many families with kids with them also in the building.

This is all i know , but man does it bug me I mean I grew (or still am) growing up with an alcoholic and I cannot stand drunk people they just get on my nerves, and I with that I could have thrown him out of the building my self.

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I remember when I was living in Vancouver, BC and used to go to a Coffee Shop close to Stanley Park on a regular basis, and I just marveled at the staff's ability to deal with difficult customers. Being intoxicated has to be one of the worst, however I can't recall having seen one. But there were all sorts of strange characters. Great entertainment for those who did not have to deal with them.
Twisted Evil
deanhills on Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:44 pm
There are all kinds of strange and even disgusting people in this world. Really sad when they impose themselves on decent people trying to enjoy a meal. I feel sorry for the employees and managers that must deal with these people within certain guidelines.
My place would have a sign out front that states: We have the right to refuse service to anyone unfit to be in a public place!
standready on Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:34 pm

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