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An explanation

If you have been following my recent blog posts it may seem to you that I have gone insane. I can assure you that this is not the case. I just feel that before I go much further with it I should explain what is really going on. Now some may say that I sort of have a twisted mind and they may very well be right in saying that, but all my recent posts have been small excepts from a book I have been working on in what little free time I have had lately. If you for some reason do not believe me just simply post a comment with your email, or pm me if you would prefer, and I will send you a preview of what I have done with it at the time.

I apologize to anyone who thought that I was serious.

Now for a short little summary of what it is i will simple include some short quotes from the book if you are interested just comment asking , or saying anything, or again you can pm me and I promise to get back to you SmileI promise.

Now to a little detail about what the “parasite theory” is. Well the basic concept of it is that as we grow that there is a parasite that we have not been able to find infects you with its venom. The venom starts to make you just like everyone else; it makes you conform to what the ones around you are doing. This parasite can be sensed by some, but sadly not by all. Those who can feel it have tried many times to fight it off, but that is not the easiest thing to do. Most of those who try to fight fail before they even get their feet on the ground. It is because of this that the parasite has been able to spread the way it has. This book is kind of a study of what the parasite really is. I will be going as in depth as I safely can about it. The parasite is just something that gets into your brain and turns the kind of person that you are in a plain simple way of summarizing it.
It is not known how the parasite even came to be. Perhaps it has been here the entire time created along with life itself, who knows? What we do know is that it spreads like there is no freaking tomorrow. As even I grow older I can feel it trying to get inside me, but I am trying my best to fight it off. I hoping that by the time I finish this book that I was able to fight it off. That’s for the future though what matters is what happens now. It is hard to be surrounded by those who you know is infected, but as long as the parasite cannot sense you weakening you are safe, because you see that the parasite will feed off of all of your stress and fear. If you fear it you are just making yourself for susceptible to its venom.
Some say that the parasite does not even exist, and that all who believe in it are full of crap. Don’t let the words of those fool you, but encourage you to fight harder, because this is a strong sign of the parasite increasing in strength. Now I know that this all seems a lot to take in, but just read carefully and slowly and you will be prepared to hopefully defend yourself against it.

Again I will say that this is a complete work of fiction, and I am not meaning to offend anybody, or anything with this project. I will post updates with more excerpts when I get further along.

So again my recent posts are from this story called The Parasite Theory that I am writing and are simple little things I wrote to go into the victims journals portion of the book.
Sorry for the confusion, but the real point of this experiment for me was to see peoples reactions to The Parasite Theory.
Sorry to all that were deceived by this, and I hope you have a wonderful day.
Very Happy

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Really? I'm glad and relieved. Though I kinda have a feeling that you aren't serious since thinking about parasites is quite rare for delusions.

But you completely got me there lol. It sounds very realistic. Based on my personal experience, it is how exactly delusions look like. However, this kinda hurts me a little bit because it gave me flashback of what we've gone through about a year ago.

But I think this is a great idea for a book, honestly. Maybe you could push it more by adding that the character felt or noticed something strange in his body like he's staring at his hands and their shaky, and the tips of his fingers and toes felt cold and they're turning blue, his body felt heavy and felt that something's crawling inside. The more he fights it, the more he feels it. Or maybe the character gets paranoid with food and water/drinks. Maybe people get these parasites through food.

At first, the story goes like he's only gone insane but as it gets closer to the climax, the theory is revealed to be real. Wow, that really sounds exciting and interesting.

Hmmm... Or maybe you're really delusional and you noticed that we noticed that you're noticing things that you are not suppose to notice. And you realized that we're part of this grand conspiracy. So you felt that you have to make this excuse that you're just writing a book. lol.
loremar on Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:55 am
I assure you that I am fine lol I am acually kind of writing 2 books for it the first is like a guide book to what the parasite theory is hence the title: The Parasite Theory, and the second is suppose to sound like it was written by a victim of it so I think your ideas will help with that Very Happy. For the second it is going to start with the persons account with the parasite from the beginning then will turn to journal entries when it catches up to current in story time in you get what I mean by that.
foumy6 on Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:50 pm

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