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Whats your opinion?

I am just curious because I have been on firhost for a couple years and have probably made a rep for myself, so now what I am wondering that if you know my posts and what I have said and everything, What do you think of me?

Don't feel that you have to be nice like I said I am just curious I will be taking everything you say with a grain of salt, so don't feel that you need to hold back either.

But if you do actually have something nice to say feel free like I have said many times in this post I am just wondering so give me an answer!

And on that note:

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I realise while writing this reply I mistaken you for another user so I guess I don't know you too well. I have seen your name before but to me it looks like one of those spammer names, so it doesn't stick in my head. I find it way easier to remember users if they use an avatar, and don't change it too often.
Peterssidan on Tue Oct 25, 2011 5:59 pm
You got my attention the first time round when you posted a thread on Satanism in the Faith Forum. And then after that whenever I saw your name, I paid attention to what you had to say. You come across as unafraid to voice your own opinion, however never in an overstated way, you just simply say what you want to say and then take a step back to allow others to give you their opinion. Not many people have that gift to give space to others to present their views to you. I like it that you have your own original opinions meaning no quotes from Wikipedia or opinions of others, just your own views. I also like the poems you posted in another Forum.

Look forward to more posts like the ones you have already made!
deanhills on Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:22 pm

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