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Romeo and Juliet

I hate romeo and juliet! To me all the story is is two people who barley know each other cry through out the whole book and then kill them selves. Okay really 5 days pass throughout that entire play. They meet each other and then a few hours they get married. When I read that I thought that they lived in Las vegas for a while. Then to make things worse that only knowing each other for five days they kill themselves over each other.

Not only that but I swear through out the entire play Romeo is crying 89% of the time and Juliet even more. I mean come on suck it up! Why are you crying so much over things that arn't really that important!!!! Romeo might as well put on a diaper and start bottle feeding again because all he is a big baby.

Yes I understand how this play is a classic and "you just can't hate shakespear", well yes I can, and I do. I get that it has very important things in when it comes to things like literature and things like that, but the storyline and how the charecters act make me want to burn the book it's in!

Also I know how they talk is how they talked in that time, but it is the most annoying f'ing thing I have ever read and i've read huck finn cover to cover! You seriously need to have vocab notes to look up what every little weird word like "e'er" means (that word is in the book and I have no idea what it means!) I'm sure the remastered or whatever you want to call it version is much easier to read, but I am required to read the original and get yelled at if I don't so I really have no choice!

Don't hate me because this is just my option and I'm sure you have your own Smile, and I do respect that and won't hold it against you so don't hold it against me!

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