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This is actually very like me...

The Gemini male likes to travel and see the world. Consequently, it is probably unwise for him to settle down in a long-term relationship too early in life since he will only regret it at a later date. This is an emotionally chargeable man but not a bad-tempered soul. Indeed, the only thing that usually makes this male fractious is lack of sleep.In addition, the emotions of Gemini natives are never at a standstill. In youth, eveything is either marvellous or absolutely awful...a tendency which is somewhat overcome with the experience of age. He finds life to be a challenge and is so often exhausted by his own thoughts and emotions that he fails to cope in an efficient manner. Still, his energies are soon reassembled and he goes on with the fascinating business of living and watching others live. Although he may have many sweethearts prior to engaging in a long-term prospect, the Gemini man will devote all his thoughts and energies to pleasing the partner of choice. A fast-thinker who likes to have lots of friends, he prefers a partner who will keep him interested while also keeping him guessing. He also prefers an individual who can share his interests and often strives to keep his mate in the picture where his job is concerned. Because Gemini is the artistic Sign of the Zodiac, this man is probably engaged in a career connected with the Arts in some fashion. Therefore, he will need a relatively intellectual partner. Highly-strung, this is a male who can be passionate but tends to look for the ideal mixture of physical attraction coupled with mental and spiritual awareness in a mate. The man governed by Gemini is capable of adapting well to the character and personality of his partner and will be neither dominating nor demanding in a long-term relationship.

The Gemini male harbors an avid interest in people. He is an interesting and talented soul who is inclined to be flirtatious, but whose wandering fancy should never be taken seriously. Indeed, the man ruled by this Sign is blessed with a great deal of common sense and can close a potentially romantic chapter with more finality than any other male of the Zodiac when he suspects something valuable and dear will be lost to him should he choose to continue. If the man ruled by Gemini could find a partner who was capable of giving direction to his life as well as providing a personalized interest in family life without nagging or stressing this fact too much, then he would undoubtedly be more successful individual.

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