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Learn Mandarin:Where There is Life, There is Hope

[url]Now its the time to learn mandarin online, how many Chinese idioms do you know, and do you know the stories behind them, today the Chinese lessons for Chinese idiom will tell you a story of 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧((Li d qīngshān zi, bp mi chi shāo)Where There is Life, There is Hope.
In ancient times, there was an old man who used 木材 (mci) wood to make 木炭(mtn) charcoal. He had two sons, one named Qing Shan and the other named Hong Shan. Before his death, he gave the east side of their mountain to Qing Shan and the west to Hong Shan as a will.

The west was wooded and was able to produce very good charcoal. Hong Shan 勤快(qnkui) worked hard to produce charcoal using the woods, so he became quite 富裕 (fy) rich. After several years, Hong Shan planted crops on the mountain since there were no trees left. 意外地 (ywide) Unexpectedly, a 暴风雨 (bofēngyǔ) storm washed away all his crops, and he had nothing to eat. Then he went to the east side of the mountain to ask for help from his elder brother.

East Mountain was sparsely wooded; however, Qing Shan had his side of the mountain well organized. He used bad 树 (sh) trees on the mountain to produce charcoal, and then planted new trees. At the same time, he 饲养 (syǎng) raised animals and reclaimed 荒地 (huāngd) wasteland on the foot of the mountain. He was rather poor in the beginning, but several years later, small trees started 长大 (zhǎngd) growing up, and his crops werent damaged by the heavy storm because of the 保护 (bǎoh) protection from the forest. His brother explained to Hong Shan: If one lives in the mountain but doesnt protect it, he/ she will be doomed. By protecting the mountain first, you can enjoy a good 生活 (shēnghu) life later on.

Later, people 称赞 (chēngzn) commended Qing Shan and said: 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧 (Li d qīngshān zi, bp mi chi shāo) Where there is life, there is hope.
Now have got the story from todays Chinese lessons, here I will give you an example to help you learn mandarin online more vividly.

A: I fail to pass the Chinese examination this time, I feel so terrible!

B: Oh, I am so sorry for that, but I think you did a hard-working!

A: Yes, I spend a lot of time to learn mandarin online!

B: Dont worry! To Learn Mandrin is not that easy,where there is life, there is hope(留得青山在,不怕没柴烧).

A:Thank you, I will!

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You couldn't have posted this at a more opportune time for me. I am heading off to live in China for 4-6 weeks and know absolutely nothing what so ever... and apparently where I am going (it's for my husband's work) there is not a lot of English speaking people (well they may know a bare minimum)...

I am off to have a look at your website now.
GuidanceReader on Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:50 am

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