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What Will Happen to Frihost

I have been not very active around for past several months. So I have -107 points to recover. In good days of this forum my hosting account would have already disabled. haha. I guess it's a good thing it hasn't but since bonding is not very active anymore and Hosting requests are not getting accepted I wonder what will happen in future for this great forum.

I have been here for nine years and all these years I have had no doubt Frihost is the best free hosting provider out there. In those old days there were not many free hosting providers and most of them would be come and go. I haven't had money to get my own paid hosting account and This is the only place I felt safe with my few web sites.

Now nine years after I think things has changed a lot. Hosting has become ultra cheap and you get even get vps for free these days. So I wonder how Frihost will survive in coming years. I hope Google AdSense income from forum is enough to cover server costs. If not sooner or later Bonding will have to pull the plug or sell the forum to someone else.

I don't come here anymore for Hosting but just because I like this old forum and grateful for free hosting I had when I needed it most. It looks some so many old members are inactive and not many new members like before. I really hope the forum will last long and more years. Smile

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now most ppl are here because of forum, not hosting.

the question here, are you going to leave us all here?
badai on Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:09 am
As long as the forum gets traffic the hosting will survive through the ad revenue,but with each google serps update and less new content on frihost,that may change.

I think the forum needs someone new to run it,I would sell it if I was Bondings,it would still pull in a pretty good price as it stands,but left alone for too long and that price would tumble.
truespeed on Tue Mar 24, 2015 6:13 am
@dude_xyx. There is always a very good sized number of guests, so I think because Frihost has been around for so long, the momentum in traffic has got to the stage where it has been feeding itself regardless of the posts that are being made. The total number of Frihost posts of almost ten years are also so large comparatively speaking that from a searchable point of view, they seem to pop up in searches all over the Web. I'm almost certain there is enough of an income that could support Frihost.

Not sure what Bondings' reasonings are, and this is an subjective opinion, but he may also attach sentimental value to Frihost including the members who have supported Frihost over the years. He may also be very busy to the extent that it is much easier for him to just to fix things when needed and pay the bills, than end Frihost or reduce the hosting space. The latter may require a major input from him for which he may not have time right now. May count in our favour that he prefers to do everything himself. And won't just let go of something. Any way, just my own subjective opinion, I could be wrong of course as well.

Would be quite ironic if Bondings pops up tomorrow as usually when we think of someone, it could be lateral thinking. Smile
deanhills on Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:21 am
I understand Bondings is busy but he needs to appoint someone to hosting account creation/removal. He used to have at least 2 volunteers that would assist with that.
standready on Wed Mar 25, 2015 6:08 pm
@ badai : Not at all. last couple of years I have been here for forum rather than hosting. I already have several vps so hosting is no longer issue for me. Smile

@ standready : Selling the forum might be fanatically a good decision for Bonding but something risky for community. If this forum is absorbed by another I might not have reason to be here. I think many member who come here just because of forum might feel same.

@ deanhills : I think Bondings might be keeping forum only because of sentimental value. Free hosting niche is not something profitable like it used to be since everyone do it these days. There are even free vps providers. Also paid hosting is ultra cheap these days. I think he might need another approach like maybe focusing on domains or something. Probably now he has more profitable project which take most of his time. Smile
dude_xyx on Wed Mar 25, 2015 6:17 pm
Frihost will remain here. It is is one of few Forums which has survived 10 yrs. Orkut and Facebook could not effect the popularity of Frihost.
nam_siddharth on Sun Mar 29, 2015 4:38 pm
Orkut is already gone. I don't think Facebook has any connection with FriHost. But It's true there aren't many free Hosting forums which lasted this long. These days the strongest free hosting site is but that one provide vps not shared hosting. So if you are small fry who only needs a cPanel hosting account that's not the site for you.
dude_xyx on Tue Apr 07, 2015 3:48 pm

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