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Cold weather or Hot weather

I live in a tropical country where temperature always stay around 26c - 30c. Specially in area I live, low country near sea (5km from beach). I always thought Cold weather must be the best. It's not hard to dream about snow and cold weather when you are sweating morning to night like 6 months a year and other 6 months you sweat only in day time still hot at night.

Few months ago I went to mountains in middle of country and there temperature is around 15c - 20c. When I was there it was 16c I think. Okey Now I have second thoughts about my cold weather dream. Not so fun. I was there for week and after 2 days in that "cold" (most of my Russian friends tell me 15c is NOT cold ! xD) I wanted to get back home as soon as possible. It was lovely place. Tea plantations, diary farms, forests and beautiful big public gardens. Lovely place when its dry and sunny but terrible when it's cold and rainy.

It's funny us, people always long about things we don't have and complain about what we have. Never give a thought what we have is the best for us or what we dream about is not so great in real. I realized I do like hot weather. I'm glad its whole year summer here where we have lots of fruits and vegetables always and cheaper. No need winter clothing and hot water baths or home heating systems.

Show is beautiful and Those snow covered villages in Switzerland always look dreamy. Probably great for an vacation but I wouldn't want to settle for good in place where there is a months long winter. I guess those who live in colder countries feel same about hot weather. Smile

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I don't know which I prefer. I live at a location that has a nice variation of temperature and I truly enjoy the variation. Granted I don't get to have fresh vegetables and fruit year round, unless I want to spe3nd the extra money for it. However, I do know people here that long for the opposing season every time summer/winter comes along. Sometimes, it is interesting to watch, and sometimes they are just annoying. Snow covered structures are beautiful, but ice covered roads are not fun.
pauline123 on Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:56 pm
I can say I understand you, dude_xyx. My country is a tropical one and I was raised in one of the hottest states of my country. I used to dream about the cold too and think about being well dressed with trench-coats and scarfs. Then I moved to a city where temperature can be below 20C during the summer and below 5C during winter. The cold must be beautiful when you have people to do everything for you. I need to do the dishes and clean my own house.

And to add insult to the injure, I work in the open. I will never forget this one time when we were vaccinating our cows in the rain, knee deep in mud and freezing because the temperature was 3C. We are not prepared to deal with the cold here in Brazil. Our houses usually don't have heating and our cattle suffers. During a extremely cold winter (in 2010), we lost more than a thousand of animals because of the cold.

That's why I'll move to a Caribbean island in the future. No more cold.
Vanilla on Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:02 am
Yep those who were born in hot weather like us have no idea how cold winter can be till we experience it. I have no idea how they live in minus 20c in Russia.Must be very hard.

Ah so all these animals died coz of cold ? I thought cattle and goats are fine with low temperature.
dude_xyx on Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:32 am

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