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April 14, 1979

Late King Birendra,




BAISHAK 1, 2036

Beloved Countrymen:

Today, as the New Year 2036 of the Bikram Era begins, it gives us pleasure to extend our good-wishes for peace, happiness and prosperity of all Nepalese living at home or abroad.

The last few years, as is known to all, have witnessed the country taking strides in an all-round effort to develop our motherland in accordance with the desire of our people. The march to progress is however riddled with many difficulties and the democratic Panchayat System, responsive as it is to the popular aspiration, has provided us all not merely a will to surmount these hurdles but also a realization that our patriotism should be translated into a reality in the larger interest of Nepal. The partyle democratic Panchayat System has all along been laying stress on some fundamental tenets. The are (!) Protection of our nationhood and promotion of our national interests (II) a steady growth of the indigenous system of Panchayat democracy,, and finally, (III) an all-round development of our country for the welfare of our people.

As a result of such a policy, while the feeling of conflicting ideals has been replaced by a feeling of national harmony, every effort is being made to give meaning to the principle that every Nepali should be given an equal opportunity for his self-improvement. This apart, the partyless Panchayat polity has enabled Nepal to maintain her distinct identity, a fact that has been amply borne out by her pursuit of independent thought and deed. In short, we are trying to engender true patriotism through economic development and a just distribution system. A happy outcome of such a policy has been our ability to bring about greater integration between the northern and southern parts of our motherland. I am happy to note that today the Mechi Zone in the East joi9ns hands with Mahakali Zone of the West sharing common joys and sorrows making us ever united as one nation and one people.

As a dynamic democratic polity, it is certain that the Panchayat System will march ahead keeping in tune with the aspiration of the Nepalese people in the interest of Nepal. Indeed, the Constitution has not only provided for and independent judiciary with an independent functioning's and the provision of checks and balances it has also given practical shape so the universal ideals of democracy. Moreover, as is to evident, it has followed the democratic practice of allowing every Nepalese the opportunity to shape his own destiny through his close involvement with the governance of the country at all levels-from the village to the national.

The problems of poverty and want, it must be admitted, remain to this day in the country. Although it is only in the last few decades that we have taken a road to development, we cannot forget that the country had remained in a state of medieval stagnation for centuries in the past. Today, we are busy building the infrastructure so urgently needed for any meaningful economic development. These efforts are, however, baulked by the mounting pressure of knowledge on the other. Added to these, the constraints of geography and the unforeseen contingencies of times make the complex problem even more compounded. Notwithstanding these difficulties, there is no doubt that we have been able to lay steadily the foundation of men, living in a Zone of Peace, continue to follow peacefully and with single minded devotion the path of development, there is no reason why we should not be seeing the horizon of a prosperous future.

When I speak of development, I do not mean material development alone. The development we are striving for is inextricably bound up with the entire gamut of human development - spiritual, intellectual, cultural and material. Keeping the flame of patriotism burning in all our hearts, and holding the democratic values for ever high in our motherland, the partyless Panchayat System committed to promote a full-spectrum development for all the Nepalese people. May this day inspire us all to rededicate ourselves with malice to none but good wishes for all to realize these lofty goals for the good of all us Nepalese?

May Lord Pashupatinath bless us all!

Jai Nepal

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