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As the country's historical, cultural and natural wealth are our main assets, My Government will continue its efforts for a proper conservation of these and achieve an institutionalized development of tourism on the basis of regional balance.

In order to make transport facilities available to people in remote areas, my government will, as in the past years, continue the process of building suspension bridge and airstrips. The work of providing greater facilities in the existing airports will also continue. My Government has evolved clear-cut policy and basis for Panchayat Road construction through popular participation by mobilizing people's participation in an organized and active form Panchayat Road construction will be accorded high priority.

In the process of modernizing the telecommunication system, My Government will establish an earth-station and begin preliminary work on international telecommunication through satellites. It will take necessary steps to establish medium-wave radio transmission centres in the Central and Western Development Regions.

As a part of making the basic educational facilities available to all children in the primary school age-group, free distribution of textbooks to all primary school children will continue.

Popular participation in the extension of general educational facilities and school management will be still more encouraged. Besides, special emphasis will be laid on the production of subject teachers and teacher-training programmes. Special effort will be made to enhance the capacity and the existing physical facilities of the technical institutes in order to meet the requirement of the trained middle-level technical man-power.

The Action-oriented Vocational Adult Education Scheme introduced since last year in some districts shall gradually be extended to some other districts in an effective manner. Necessary reforms will be carried out in the field of education on the basis of the report of the full-term evaluation of the National Education System Plan, keeping in mind the educational demands put forward by the students in the recent past.

Keeping the growing pressure of population in view, the national Population Commission, besides formulating the population policy, will make special arrangement for the effective functioning of Family Planning Programme in every village through the medium of the village Panchayat.

My government will make arrangements for the provision of health workers for the control and treatment of communicable diseases like malaria and tuberculosis, and leprosy and for gradually spreading the health service technologies to the rural areas; as elsewhere, in the field of health-service too, popular participation will be encouraged and emphasized.

My Government will continue it s efforts to formulate and implement projects for the better utilization of water resource, which has been accepted and an important natural resource of the Kingdom. Keeping the needs of the country in view, My Government will undertake large and medium-size hydro-power projects along with rural hydelpower projects, which can be operated with popular participation. My government will emphasize the speeding-up of work at the Kulekhani and Devighat hydro-electric projects now under construction.

With the programme of demarcating and systematically operating with necessary facilities the Panchayat and Panchayat Protected Forests, a Community Forest Development Plan will be launched from the coming financial year. At the same time, the policy of encouraging private forest and contract forest shall be continues.

The programme for planned resettlement of the landless, who have settled in an unplanned manner, will continue. The policy of making timber and firewood available to individual consumers on fair terms will be initiated. The protection and development of Nepal's natural resources and wild-life as well as the management of the various National Parks and Reserves will be carried out on a more scientific basis.

From the view point of protecting public health, special arrangements will be made for the production, distribution and sale of medicines.

To undertake the soil and water conservation work in a more scientific manner, My Government will draft detailed programmes based on the surveys of water-catchment's areas and thereby emphasize the principle of land-use on the basis of soil types and conditions.

While formulating laws which are necessary in deciding the basic process of conditions which are most attention will be given to creating conditions which ate most favorable to development and which do not create unnecessary handicaps. Efforts to efforts to effect suitable reforms in the administration of justice will continue in keeping with the welfare and benefits of the people.

In order to make Royal Nepalese Army perform its duty loyally, My Government will continue to pursue the programme of making it mire efficient and competent. By bringing about a qualitative reform in the police training procedure, the efforts to make the Police Service more efficient by developing it on a more scientific basis will continue.

My Government will continue to pursue the policy of strengthening existing friendly relations with all countries and with the neighbouring countries in particular, on the basis of the principles of peaceful co-existence. Sovereignty and equality.

Our proposition that Nepal be declared a Zone of Peace has received support from many friendly countries and We look forward to its endorsement by other friendly countries in the coming years.

Nepal will be represented at the Sixth Summit Conference of the Non-aligned countries to be held this year in Havana.

The visit to Nepal by the President of the Republic of Sri Lanka His Excellency J.R. Jayewardene and Madame Jayewardene in response of our friendly invitation has deepened the friendship between our two countries.

The official visit to the People's Republic of China by Our then Prime Minister Kirti Nidhi Bist in September last has strengthened the traditional friendship and understanding between our two countries.

My Government wishes to express grateful thanks for the co-operation extended by friendly countries and international organizations in the development of Nepal.

In conclusion, We hope that our countrymen will cooperate in a disciplined and dedicated manner with the steps which My Government would undertake for the general wellbeing of the people.

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