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Late King Birendra,



Mr. Chairman and Members of the Rashtriya Panchayat:

The Partyless Democratic Panchayat System was introduced in our country with a view to perpetuate the independent existence of Nepal and achieve development based on social justice, while at the same time, preserving the identity and nationhood of our motherland. Since popular will in the governance of the country has been the guiding principle of our tradition, it gives us indeed pleasure to declare at this 30th Session of the Rashtriya Panchayat that, with a view to let the people take their own decision with regard to their political future, one more step to democracy has been taken by calling for a national referendum.

My Government will not lag in its responsibility to complete the referendum in a free, impartial and completely fair manner. In this regard it will extend full cooperation to the national Election Commission. At this important juncture it is the bounded duty of all to maintain peace and tranquility in the country. My government will not tolerate any attempt aimed at disturbing peace in the country.

The country faces today numerous problems and difficulties. My Government has already begun to focus its attention in trying to tackle them and redress the grievances of people. My government, after an appraisal, shall continue to carry out timely reforms in the existing to remove shortages from which people have suffered in their daily life.

On the basis of the experience which My Government has acquired from the District Administration Plan now in operation for the past few years, efforts will be made to accelerate the pace of development by drawing up useful people-oriented plans within the framework of rural development scheme at the village and district levels.

As the next fiscal year will also be the last year of the current Fifth Year Plan, the development programme for the year will be drawn up in keeping with the financial and physical objectives of the Fifth Plan. My Government will prepare a draft of the Sixth Five Year Plan by the middle of the next financial year and in doing so it will be guided by the objectives to fulfil the minimum necessities of the maximum number of people and to raise the standard of living of people below the poverty-line through formulation and implementation of development programmes drawn up from the grass-root level. To this end, the local means and resources will be effectively mobilized on the basis of mass participation.

My government will continue its efforts to mobilize internal as well as external resources in keeping with the growing need for investment capital. Keeping the principle of social justice in mind, special emphasis will be given to strengthen and streamline the revenue administration in order to make it more stable and effective. Apart from financial administration, unnecessary and unproductive expenditure of the resources raised through taxation from the people or from foreign assistance will be discouraged.

As a part of the process to make the administration or more development-oriented, My Government will continue to augment the services of specialists in the civil service and will make necessary revisions in the rules relating to civil service in order to make the local administration more effective.

Agriculture sector has a vital role in our national economy. My Government will undertake programmes to extend irrigation facilities, and in places where such facilities already exist, make available technical services, production materials and agricultural loans to implement the Intensive Agriculture Development Programme. Special attention will be given to small irrigation projects being run with popular participation.

During the next financial year, Small Farmer Development Project will be implemented on an extended basis.

As it is desirable to gradually develop efficient man-power needed to formulate and implement Agriculture Development Plans, My Government will draw and implement an Agricultural Man-Power Scheme during the next financial year.

To strengthen the process of supplying food-grains to the deficit areas, My Government will implement a National Food Plan. Under this Plan, besides the regular supply and sale of food-grains, two types of buffer stocks will established one the "Emergency Buffer Stock", and the other "Minimum Supply Buffer Stock". My Government will also formulate and implement a special programme for the proper development and conservation of livestock.

Lord Reform Programme will be further strengthened and made more effective and dynamic. In accordance with the aspirations of the people Co-operative Programme will be implemented so that optimum utilization of the available rural resources skills and capacity could be achieved.

As industry, commerce and industrial undertakings are the most dynamic aspects of modern economy and as the development of this sector is vitally important for the all-round development, timely changes shall be made in the current industrial policy in order to create an atmosphere conducive to the country's industrial development. As determined by the needs and conditions, opportunity shall be provided for foreign investment for industrial development. At the same time, joint ventures between Nepalese and foreigners will be encouraged. My Government will also energetically pursue its efforts to develop and exploit mineral wealth.

My Government will pay special attention to the supply of construction material and consumer goods, efficient management of the internal market and the development of trade with the neighbouring countries, in particular. Overseas trade will be strengthened and expanded. New Labour laws will be enacted in order to safeguard the interest of and create welfare organization for the labour in construction, transport, agriculture and other sectors, besides those in the industrial establishments. Labour centres will be developed on an institutionalized basis with the view to make available training facilities to semi-skilled man-power and thus improve their skill and provide employment.

... to be continue

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