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The dramatic developments in south East Asia in recent months have caused us concern specially at a time when the countries of the region were engaged in reconstruction following a protracted fight in the cause for which our movement as a whole stand. The world will long feel the negative impact of these developments not only because they have disturbed the socio-economic fabric of neighbouring countries by also because they represent a violation of the canons of peace and justice. The non-aligned countries, including my own ,have always upheld the principle that more powerful countries should on no account interfere in the internal affairs of less powerful ones. It is unfortunate that the countries for Indo-China have been subject to this fate. While we wish the restoration of peace in the region, through of possible, a sincere pursuit of the principles of Info-china engaged in their efforts at all round development and the reconstruction of their motherland.

Whether it is the Middle East, south East, Asia or Africa, my country for one, shall never accept either interference or occupation as a fait accompli.

On the Korean question, we continue to hold the view that the aspirations of the Korean people for national reunification should be fulfilled peacefully without foreign interference of any sort. Similarly, the situation in Cyprus calls for the honour and respect for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of that country. Continued foreign occupation in Cyprus cannot be justified.

Nepal welcomed any step, which aims at the general relaxation of international tension. We have welcomed SALT II as a step towards the strengthening of the process of détente. However, the fact remains that arms race cannot provide for the security of any country and that world peace cannot be maintained for ever by the precarious balance of nuclear warheads. Additionally, it is a wasteful economy. When one ponders over all the wonders of science and technology of this century, one is all pains to realise that the greatest contributions of our times can be nullified by developments that pose the greatest Contributions of our times can be nullified by developments that pose the greatest threat to man-his own extinction. While big powers have been proud to show upon humanity the ever-impending Dam clean sword of nuclear weapons, it is unfortunate that this value system should have allured even countries of our ranks at the expense of their own peace and development for the region and the world.

Nepal, in concert with other non-aligned countries, has opted to work for universal peace and for total and general disarmament. For, it is our conviction, Mr. President, that it is in an atmosphere of peace alone that we can hope for the optimum growth of our latent facilities. With this in mind, Nepal has supported the Declaration of the Indian Ocean as a Zone of Peace. We have also extended support to the ASEAN proposal for peace, freedom and neutrality and the proposal of peace zone for the Mediterranean. Any initiative for peace will further not only the cause of non-alignment but also help create an ethos to improve the quality of life.

It is such a consideration that has inspired me to propose that my country, Nepal, be declared a Zone of Peace. The proposition is rooted in our historical and cultural heritage in as much as it is based also on the reality of our situation. It reflects, moreover, our age-old longing to be free from strife and hostilities. For a small and developing country like Nepal, nothing is more natural than a deep-rooted aspiration for peace and development. We cannot afford to be embroiled in tension, fear, anxiety or instability, regional or international, at a time when our greatest task is that of economic development for our people. By thus institutionalizing peace we wish to cement the excellent state of relations which we maintain with all our friends.

In conclusion, Mr. President, as I stand at the Sixth Summit Conference of the Non- aligned Nations to reiterate Nepal's commitment to the fundamental principles of non-alignment, a vision that one comes across in my country inspires me. It is a vision where hundreds of the peaks in the Himalayas rise in grandeur and soar up into the skies. These peaks▬ they stand high, they stand firm and they were in a chain of non-alignment. They have, for long, watches the drama of human civilizations. Mr. President, Excellencies and Distinguished Delegates. I would, if I may, urge you all to draw inspiration from this vision and contribute to ensure the continuity of man making him ever-ascendent in the glory and the grandeur of a universal order of peace and security, progress and prosperity.

Thank you,

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